It´s been some crazy, busy weeks lately. I´m not complaining over travels, events or going to fairs – it is part of my job, a job which I love very much. But at the same time, who can keep up with that marathon for weeks? I can´t. At least I need some rest in between. And this weekend I´ve just been hanging out with my kids and finally spent some hours on my sofa (The new one I got a few weeks ago. About time to try it!) I´m not even joking when I tell you I spend less time in my living room than any other place in my apartment. And the fact that I do gives my some ideas for my new apartment. I can´t wait to start working on it.

I got a lot of questions about my new sofa after posting a photo on Instagram a few weeks ago. Many of you recognized the Söderhamn series from Ikea, and this model is the sofa-bed. Unfortunately I don´t think they sell the sofa-bed any longer, but the three seater is pretty much the same. Cover from Bemz.

photography © elisabeth heier


Enjoy your Sunday!


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