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Louis Poulsen is known worldwide for their Danish design classics, and this fall a new member of the family was launched, the PH 5 Mini. The original PH 5 pendant was designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958, as a follow-up to his three-shade system from 1926. Poul Henningsen was a pioneer of lighting design,  as one of the first to recognise the importance of the shaping of light. The PH 5 light is notable for its innovative glare-free shape and uniform illumination. In the spirit of Poul Henningsen and to cater the contemporary and creative living of 2017, Louis Poulsen launched PH 5 Mini, a resize of the classic pendant.

The mini versions of the iconic lamp is launched to meet the way we live in 2017, and the versatility of the PH 5 Mini is unlimited. This one is hanging over a shelve in my living room, and I can easily see it also as a bed side lamp, over a small size dining table and also hanging over my office desk. Minimal and neat without anything standing on the table. Would also be the perfect fit for my childrens room.

When the lamp is lit in the evening you can truly see the magic of the reflective three-shade system. It directs the majority of the light downwards and the fixture itself emits both downward and lateral light, thus illuminating itself. The PH 5 Mini always provides 100% glare-free light, no matter what light source is used.

There is a story behind every Louis Poulsen product. The lamps and the designers behind focus on light itself and the idea behind the product – all in harmony with Louis Poulsen’s own lighting philosophy: design to shape light.

Henningsen designed the PH 5 in response to the continuous changes to the shape and size of incandescent bulbs. The PH 5 was introduced as a classic new product, and no one knew at the time that it would eventually become synonymous with the PH light. Irrespective of how the light is installed and no matter what light source is used, the PH 5 is and remains completely glare-free. Henningsen also wanted to improve the colour reproduction of the light source in the PH 5. Small red and blue shades were inserted to supplement the colour in the part of the spectrum where the eye is least sensitive – the red and blue areas – thereby subduing the light in the middle yellow-green region where the eye is most sensitive. The new PH 5 Mini is introduced in an innovative new colour palette, developed in collaboration with colour expert Louise Sass and plays with colours that start with the darkest tone at the top and soften shade by shade.The pendant was named PH 5 because of the 50-centimetre diameter of its top shade. The new mini version of the iconic PH 5 has a top shade diameter of 30 centimetres. The Mini is available in the Classic colour version of PH 5, a new contemporary white, and an additional six colour combinations: Hues of Orange, Hues of Rose, Hues of Red, Hues of Green, Hues of Blue and Hues of Grey. If you head over to my Instagram you can win a PH 5 Mini, color of your own choice! Just tell me which one is your favorite. 

Photos 1,2,3 © Elisabeth Heier / photo no4 © Louis Poulsen



  • jane moss

    5. desember, 2017 at 10:34 Svar

    Love the hues of rose

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      5. desember, 2017 at 12:10 Svar

      Me too, I think all the colors are very beautiful and love how the color goes from dark to lighter.

  • Kristin Klausen

    5. desember, 2017 at 16:16 Svar

    Hues of Grey is my favorite

  • Tove

    5. desember, 2017 at 22:14 Svar

    Hues of Grey er min absolutte favoritt:) Mangler fortsatt lamper på ett par av rommene i huset, så hadde passet perfekt hos oss:)

  • heidi tangen

    9. desember, 2017 at 11:37 Svar

    Haues of Grey is my favorite <3

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