Yesterday Ove Rogne, the founder and CEO of the design studio Northern Lighting announced the launch of the new lifestyle concept Northern. It is established to bridge the gap between statement making products and practical, multifunctional designs and will launch a range of furniture, lighting and interior accessories at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February. Northern Lighting is a well established Norwegian brand that is having great success with their concept  where they create lighting products in collaboration with designers around the world, with their Scandinavian simplicity and their commitment to quality and sustainability. And from now on the name is Northern.

The new brand was established with creative input from design duo Morten & Jonas, well-known for their signature eclectic style and forward-focused outlook. The new brand launches with products from leading designers as well as up-and-coming rookies, making the debut collection democratic in style and playful in tone. Northern’s debut collection includes streamlined seating, tables, lighting and interior accessories. The dual-purpose console table from Yonoh doubles as an e cient workstation or sleek sideboard. Cocktail hour can kick off with Färg & Blanch’s cabinet, which is designed to store drinks or provide discreet storage for other items. Products from designers such as Rudi Wul , Gridy, Cecilia Xinyu Zhang, Kyla McCallum, Vera & Kyte, Elina Ulvio, Mattias Stenberg, Ann Kristin Einarsen, Johan Lindsten, Johanna Forsberg, Sami Kallio and Morten & Jonas complete the range of this season’s collection.The Northern brand is characterised by a bold approach to shape and materials while addressing the consumer need for understated luxury and multi-purpose products. Although Northern’s style resonates with classic forms, the products challenge the status quo and take Scandinavian design in a fresh direction.

I´m excited to see more of what they are up to than the small glimpses from the press photos they released with the announcement. As always beautifully styled and photographed by Per Olav Sølvberg and Chris Tonnesen.

Photography Chris Tonnesen // Styling Per Olav Sølvberg





With the launch of the new wireless speaker Beoplay M3 a series of perfectly styled press photos arrived in my mailbox. I know the sound experience of the Beoplay speakers are super good, I have music playing non stop from the ones I have at home. Why I am a fan of Beoplay isn´t only the sound of course, but the design of their speakers as well. All Beoplay products are designed to both have the best of function and form. B&P work with talented designers as Cecilie Manz and Øivind Slaatto, and their speakers blend seamlessly into any interior with various color and material options (or stand out as cool design objects, but always with elegance). The new M3 speaker, designed by Cecilie Manz has a shape based on a simple silhouette to give it a clean expression. It has exchangeable covers in Kvadrat wool fabric or pearl-blasted aluminium so that you can customize M3 to fit perfectly into your home. And of course with the clean and powerful Bang & Olufsen sound. ..back to the press photos. Audio products taken to the level of art if you ask me.




The Danish artist Kristina Krogh recently launched a new collection that she has been working on since the start of this year. The collection is a limited edition series consisting of paper cuts, three dimensional folded artworks, paintings and drawings. I´ve been a fan of Krisitinas work since early on, and this collection consists of so many beautiful works. I´ve already one or two onto my wishlist.

The artworks above is called Paths No. 1 and Over the Hills – Mirror. Paths No.1 is part of the series Landscapes consisting of works inspired by Danish landscapes with waving cornfields seen from above. These cornfields create beautiful patterns that look like little paths seen from a long distance. (I can’t imagine anything more relaxing than the view of the typical Danish, flat landscape with waving cornfields and the sea in the horizon.) Over the Hills – Mirror is a papercut created from silvery chrome paper which reflects the light and its surroundings. It also comes in a gold variation.

Above the papercut Face – White framed in a Moebe frame where it fits perfect. The papercut is made in a slightly smaller size than the frame, which gives air around the papercut. This minimalistic frame creates a light and airy expression because you get to see the color of your wall behind the artwork and frame. The other artwork is called Noon, part of the series Sky Transformations. The series consists off works inspired by the color transformation of the sky and the landscape in one day. The series consists of five different works: Dawn, Noon, Dusk, Midnight and Night. The art prints is made in a limited edition of only 200, signed and numbered by Kristina Krogh. All her works are made in limited editions, so once an artwork is sold out, it is gone for good.

Below the new Balance Candle Holder designed to lighten up any room with its simple yet sculptural expression. Featuring geometric shapes in solid hand polished steel and brass that balance on top of each other, the object can also be used as a small vase for single flowers.

Photos copyright © 2017 Kristina Krogh




Friday the new Kollekted By | Frama Studio Store opened just a few blocks from where I live at Schous Plass. The previous store was located just a few meters further down the street but no wonder the owners, Jannike Kråkvik and Alessandro D´Orazio took the opportunity when this premises was available. Four beautiful rooms with large windows facing the corner of Schous Plass, lots of daylight and room for showing the Frama collection and carefully selected items from other brands. I´ve been a regular visitor in the shop for a long time, this is the ultimate place to go by for inspiration, have a chat with the owners, or Jannikes mother who also works there – or one of the young designers that works part time. ..and of course for adding yet another pretty item on to my wish list.

Jannike and Alessandro is known to be one of the best stylist duos in Scandinavia. Their design studio Kråkvik & D´Orazio works within interior styling, design and exhibitions, and develops ideas and concepts for commercial and editorial clients. On their client list you´ll find renown brands as Fogia, Jotun Lady, Nedre Foss, Varier Furniture, Tonning and more – in addition to the editorial work they do for magazines as Bo Bedre, Oak the Nordic Journal, Residence, Nytt Rom and Elle Decoration.

At Kollekted by Jannike and Alessandro sell their favorite furniture, lighting and interior objects from around the world. In addition to Frama Cph you´ll find Fogia, Menu, New Works, Another Country, Hasami, Please Wait to be Seated, Flos, Restart Milano, Artek and more. If you are looking to find unique objects by Norwegian talents this is the place to go. Both Bjørn van den Berg, Guri Sandvik, Esra Røise, Kneip and Apropos Studio is represented at Kollekted by.

photo © elisabeth heier, styling by Kråkvik & D´Orazio

You can find photos from the previous shop in my Grünerløkka Guide here, and from Jannike and Alessandros home here. And even more from the new store at Katerina Dimas blog, Only Deco Love, here.





I first spotted ODEM Atelier at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February where Lotta Agaton used a petrified wood tray in her trend exhibition. Since then ODEM has expanded and offers now unique art- and design products in their webshop, a virtual boutique for the modern collector. ODEM Atelier was founded in early 2017 by Stockholm based designer and photographer Nikodem Calczynski with the goal of creating a living space for unique décor. Nikodem believes in creating timeless ornaments using high-quality organic elements that would otherwise go overlooked. ODEM is an exclusive home décor brand focused on creating one-of-a-kind objects using uncommon materials.

Opposing the trend of mass production, ODEM believe in surrounding ourselves with timeless objects that tell a story and exude character. By establishing a collective of international artists working with nothing but top-quality materials their aim is to provide modern collectors with future design classics. In addition to the newly opened webshop some of the objects is to be found at one of my Stockholm favorites, Perspective Studio. See more here. 

photos via Odem Atelier




One of the highlights during Designers Saturday in Oslo last week was the Fogia showcase at Arkitektenes Hus. But instead of showing you photos from a crowded showroom I´ll rather share their new lifestyle photos. The photos is styled by Kråkvik & D´Orazio and shot by Jonas Bjerre Poulsen in a beautiful building in Copenhagen – with flowing light, exactly like the way Fogia interpret Scandinavian Design – with a dream of the Scandinavian light.

Above Figurine chair,  design Note DesignStudio, Ropemaker rug, design TAF Arkitekter, sofa Retreat – design Monica Förster, shelf Arch – design Note DesignStudio, light Gatto from Flos.

In spring 2017, Fogia were looking for a new way of visualizing the dream that the their brand stands for rigth now and years to come. A difficult task because of more than 35 year old Swedish brand has its luggage, both positive and negative. After a hard job finding the right environment and the right team, they finally found what they were looking for – the light that is in line with their own interpretation of Scandinavian Design. A collaboration between architect and photographer Jonas Bjerre Poulsen, stylists Kråkvig & D´Orazio and Fogia themselves resulted in these photos.

Above Dini sofa – design Andreas Engesvik, Bowl table – design Andreas Engesvik, rug – vintage.

In Scandinavia, the light is an important factor because a large part of the year it is dark and grey as the sun rarely shows itself. We dream of places and environments where the light flows and makes life feel easier. Most people do not get the opportunity to create an environment or home where the light is allowed to flow through large windows, but we have a dream and a wish for it.

Above Poppy Pouf – design Nina Jobs

Hidden among the residential buildings and with a park as the nearest neighbor the team found a fantastic house, a creation made of concrete, wood and glass. The house was created to give home to the local scout community. The house was designed by architect Sophus Søbye and was completed in 2015. The big windows in combination with wood and concrete were what made them react. «Here I want to live, I want it at home, here we have to photograph the dream that personalizes Fogia», thought the whole team. The meeting between the furniture, architecture, materials and the natural light was what they had been looking for.

Above Tiki Sofa – design Andreas Engesvik, Area bord – design Note DesignStudio, Archetto shelf – design Note DesignStudio, Poppy pouf – design Nina Jobs, Pluto vase – design Andreas Engesvik, Pastille side table – design TAF Arkitekter

Photography by Jonas Bjerre Poulsen © Fogia