I dont think we even have to talk about the change Menu has gone through as a brand the last couple of years. Lets just establish that Menu is a trendsetting brand who delivers design we´re all craving for, every season. For SS18 again there is some really nice new products, both furniture, lamps and accessories. The coat hangers above, called Afteroom Coat Hanger is not a new product, but I love this small version of the original. Not only is the size changed but also the proportions which makes it so much more of a statement on the wall. Simple yet eye-catching. Also, the Align Day Bed on the photo? One of the prettiest daybeds I know.

The Harbour Chair is new, and shown for the first time at the fair in Cologne this week. The chair was designed by Norm Architects specifically for the Menu Space in Nordhavn to fulfill a variety of needs. It looks very comfortable, and the dining chair is ideal for both private homes, restaurants, offices and conferences. The Menu Space required a chair that could suit a range of purposes and the perfect balance between geometry and organic shapes is to be found in the chair. Looking good in the home of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Norm Architects (above) and available in both textile and leather upholstery, a variety of colors on the shell and both wood and metal legs.

The Afteroom Chair family got a new member, the Afteroom Bar Chair Plus. All chairs got wider backrests and a luxurious upholstering of both seat and backrest. Like the original chair, the new one is deconstructed and stripped for every unnecessary component. The result is a simple yet beautiful chair that embodies both minimalism and style. The Balance candle holder below was new this fall, designed by rising-star Fredrik Alexander Werner, senior designer at Norm Architects. The Balance candle holder is a modern interpretation of the traditional candlesticks carried in centuries past to illuminate the path ahead. Elegant, minimal and stripped to its essence. I love mine, its like a small sculpture, just as beautiful when not in use.

More products with new features is the JWDA lamp by Jonas Wagell (below). A new version with marble base and one with black base in addition to the existing  concrete, steel and brass editions. The elegant Synnes Chair by Falke Svatun this season comes in a new upholstered version. The new version also got the original wooden legs replaced with tubular steel. Visually lighter than the original, the updated Synnes Dining Chair puts the emphasis on cushioned comfort without sacrificing its visual authenticity.

photos via Menu





Invitations and press releases is filling up my mail box these days as fairs are coming up and lots of new products are launched. The Cologne fair is already on this week and from what I’ve seen from different stories there are some pretty nice things going on there. Anyways, this image from Anour caught my eye today. Anour is co-exhibiting with Sibast Furniture during the Stockholm Furniture and Light fair (opening February and it seems like a new floor lamp is launched. It looks beautiful and will be a nice addition to the collection which up until now consisted of pendants, table lamps and wall lamps. Minimal, like a sculpture in the room with a floor stand shaped and with the same proportions as the pendants in the Anour collection. The Swoon chair from Fredericia is also looking good here, the mustard color and the soft, but still sculptural shape in perfect contrast to the lamp.




I just put one round dining table up for sale to find myself searching for a new one. When I planned my new kitchen I also planned in my old marble table, its beautiful, I got it custom made and everything. But its too big. (A bit embarrassing to admit, but I didn’t remember the measurements..) So I’m in the lookout for a round table again, which I dont mind at all. Its super social to gather friends and family around a circular table, interaction when sat at the table is more intimate and it softens the space with its shape considering theres a lot of straight lines in my home. Also there are so many great tables to choose from. I’m sharing seven of my favorites here, iconic designs mixed with new and cool ones. All suitable for a modern, Scandinavian interior.

Above, Snaregade Table by Menu. The Snaregade series was designed by Norm Architects, originally for Bjarne Hansen – the CEO and founder of Menu. Intended for his living room at home. While at it Norm Architects also manufactured a few tables for their own studio and the tables has been in use ever since. The series consists of a rectangular table, an oval one and the round above. New this spring is a version in light grey (I´ve only seen a glimpse, but it looks really pretty!).

The iconic Saarinen dining table designed by Eero Saarinen in 1957 is available in a variety of materials and colors. The Arabescato marble (above) and the grey marble (below) are my favorites. An upper price range table, but I don’t think I would ever be able to get tired of it. The table is a part of the Pedestal collection where Saarinen vowed to eliminate the «slum of legs» found under chairs and tables with four legs. Manufactured by Knoll. 

Another iconic design, the PK54, designed by Poul Kjærholm (above and below). The PK54 dining table is a study in contrasting materials and forms. Circle meets square and the pure expression leaves a monumental impression. Simply stunning. Designed in the period between 1951-1967 as a part of the Kjærholm collection. Available in different kinds of marble with stainless steel legs, manufactured by Fritz Hansen.




Loop Stand Table by Hay is also available in a round version (above). I’ve only noticed the rectangular one before, as it is more common, but the circular one is pretty nice too! Also a more budget friendly option than the ones further up. Loop Stand is Leif Jørgensen’s well-designed and ultra-functional, no-nonsense series of coat stands, wardrobe furniture and tables, all with a consistent family identity. Loop Stand Table shares the same clean visual expression as the wardrobe stand, where the characteristic three-legged trestles are attached to the table top with screws. Available in black or white laminate with powder coated steel legs, also black/white.

In Between Table by Sami Kallio for &tradition (the one I had in my previous home, above) is super pretty and available both in smoked oak, white stained oak and black. Kallio chose the shape of the table to address issues within modern interiors. Its round shape means it must be brought away from walls, therefore taking an active role in any room.

Supper Round Table by Fogia (above), designed by Andreas Engesvik in 2017. The Supper dining table is simple and elegant, its functional and can easily seat six persons around a small, practical surface. The table has a delicate aesthetic with slender proportions and a visual lightness. Available in different varieties of veneer wood tops and metal frames.

Last one up, the Gubi 2.0 Table below. Clean lines and simple details, yet sturdy and exclusive materials, a modern yet classic alternative for a round dining table. And a wide range of variety when it comes to materials and colors to choose from.





Sponsored, in collaboration with Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen is known worldwide for their Danish design classics, and this fall a new member of the family was launched, the PH 5 Mini. The original PH 5 pendant was designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958, as a follow-up to his three-shade system from 1926. Poul Henningsen was a pioneer of lighting design,  as one of the first to recognise the importance of the shaping of light. The PH 5 light is notable for its innovative glare-free shape and uniform illumination. In the spirit of Poul Henningsen and to cater the contemporary and creative living of 2017, Louis Poulsen launched PH 5 Mini, a resize of the classic pendant.

The mini versions of the iconic lamp is launched to meet the way we live in 2017, and the versatility of the PH 5 Mini is unlimited. This one is hanging over a shelve in my living room, and I can easily see it also as a bed side lamp, over a small size dining table and also hanging over my office desk. Minimal and neat without anything standing on the table. Would also be the perfect fit for my childrens room.

When the lamp is lit in the evening you can truly see the magic of the reflective three-shade system. It directs the majority of the light downwards and the fixture itself emits both downward and lateral light, thus illuminating itself. The PH 5 Mini always provides 100% glare-free light, no matter what light source is used.

There is a story behind every Louis Poulsen product. The lamps and the designers behind focus on light itself and the idea behind the product – all in harmony with Louis Poulsen’s own lighting philosophy: design to shape light.

Henningsen designed the PH 5 in response to the continuous changes to the shape and size of incandescent bulbs. The PH 5 was introduced as a classic new product, and no one knew at the time that it would eventually become synonymous with the PH light. Irrespective of how the light is installed and no matter what light source is used, the PH 5 is and remains completely glare-free. Henningsen also wanted to improve the colour reproduction of the light source in the PH 5. Small red and blue shades were inserted to supplement the colour in the part of the spectrum where the eye is least sensitive – the red and blue areas – thereby subduing the light in the middle yellow-green region where the eye is most sensitive. The new PH 5 Mini is introduced in an innovative new colour palette, developed in collaboration with colour expert Louise Sass and plays with colours that start with the darkest tone at the top and soften shade by shade.The pendant was named PH 5 because of the 50-centimetre diameter of its top shade. The new mini version of the iconic PH 5 has a top shade diameter of 30 centimetres. The Mini is available in the Classic colour version of PH 5, a new contemporary white, and an additional six colour combinations: Hues of Orange, Hues of Rose, Hues of Red, Hues of Green, Hues of Blue and Hues of Grey. If you head over to my Instagram you can win a PH 5 Mini, color of your own choice! Just tell me which one is your favorite. 

Photos 1,2,3 © Elisabeth Heier / photo no4 © Louis Poulsen




Yesterday Ove Rogne, the founder and CEO of the design studio Northern Lighting announced the launch of the new lifestyle concept Northern. It is established to bridge the gap between statement making products and practical, multifunctional designs and will launch a range of furniture, lighting and interior accessories at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February. Northern Lighting is a well established Norwegian brand that is having great success with their concept  where they create lighting products in collaboration with designers around the world, with their Scandinavian simplicity and their commitment to quality and sustainability. And from now on the name is Northern.

The new brand was established with creative input from design duo Morten & Jonas, well-known for their signature eclectic style and forward-focused outlook. The new brand launches with products from leading designers as well as up-and-coming rookies, making the debut collection democratic in style and playful in tone. Northern’s debut collection includes streamlined seating, tables, lighting and interior accessories. The dual-purpose console table from Yonoh doubles as an e cient workstation or sleek sideboard. Cocktail hour can kick off with Färg & Blanch’s cabinet, which is designed to store drinks or provide discreet storage for other items. Products from designers such as Rudi Wul , Gridy, Cecilia Xinyu Zhang, Kyla McCallum, Vera & Kyte, Elina Ulvio, Mattias Stenberg, Ann Kristin Einarsen, Johan Lindsten, Johanna Forsberg, Sami Kallio and Morten & Jonas complete the range of this season’s collection.The Northern brand is characterised by a bold approach to shape and materials while addressing the consumer need for understated luxury and multi-purpose products. Although Northern’s style resonates with classic forms, the products challenge the status quo and take Scandinavian design in a fresh direction.

I´m excited to see more of what they are up to than the small glimpses from the press photos they released with the announcement. As always beautifully styled and photographed by Per Olav Sølvberg and Chris Tonnesen.

Photography Chris Tonnesen // Styling Per Olav Sølvberg





With the launch of the new wireless speaker Beoplay M3 a series of perfectly styled press photos arrived in my mailbox. I know the sound experience of the Beoplay speakers are super good, I have music playing non stop from the ones I have at home. Why I am a fan of Beoplay isn´t only the sound of course, but the design of their speakers as well. All Beoplay products are designed to both have the best of function and form. B&P work with talented designers as Cecilie Manz and Øivind Slaatto, and their speakers blend seamlessly into any interior with various color and material options (or stand out as cool design objects, but always with elegance). The new M3 speaker, designed by Cecilie Manz has a shape based on a simple silhouette to give it a clean expression. It has exchangeable covers in Kvadrat wool fabric or pearl-blasted aluminium so that you can customize M3 to fit perfectly into your home. And of course with the clean and powerful Bang & Olufsen sound. ..back to the press photos. Audio products taken to the level of art if you ask me.