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Quickly summed up, December was renovations, a lot of work and traveling. And then the moving two days before New Years Eve. Above my new kitchen and bathroom in early December. Thankfully both rooms are now done and moved into. The bathroom floor of Pastellone is super nice and you might have seen some peeks of my kitchen and the long wanted herringbone floors hiding underneath the cardboard above on Instagram and the photos I shared here on the blog earlier this week. The whole apartment turned out to become so much better than I ever hoped for and I’m so excited to show you more as soon as I am a bit more settled. Towers of boxes is still in every corner of my home after living here for a week.. But I’m on it.

I was in no place to travel just before Christmas but when my dad turned 60 and invited the whole family to celebrate with him of course I went. Sun, warm weather and family time was so good, and probably exactly what I needed before returning to pack my 42 boxes before the move. Juggling renovations and work from one of the Canary Islands wasn’t too bad after all, and I did get some hours in the sun as well.

Back home on Christmas Eve the workers had moved all their stuff from my apartment and I’ve never been more excited to see what was waiting for me when I opened the door. It looked amazing. You know the feeling when you have to pinch your arm to see if you’re actually awake or dreaming. That feeling.

Christmas seems to be non existing here, but I did celebrate of course. Just not for very long this year. On the other hand I had the best celebration of the new year in my new home. The first of many!

Photo © Elisabeth Heier




Already a week into December, its about time to post my favorite stories and the sum up from November. Wintery Oslo is looking beautiful, and even though I’m not much a fan of those slippery sidewalks it looks wonderful all covered in snow. I’ve pretty much been doing what you see below in between work. Deciding on colors, designing, coordinating and made sure the work in my apartment has been moving forward. ..and by that its not on the talented people working there I’m talking about, its the designer and her ability to make the decisions fast enough.

I’ve already repainted the kitchen once after picking a way to dark color for the walls. Now I think I’ve finally ended up with the perfect shade that goes well with the dark bamboo fronts, the countertop, the floor and then also taking into consideration that the room is facing south. The extra large color samples is highly recommended, or even better – paint samples on the wall before you decide. Small cans of paint are sold wherever you usually get your paint from.

Christmas is starting early in my job, and I really dont mind. Planning, shooting, eating gingerbread cookies and listening to Driving home for Christmas to get into the mood is familiar to many of us. Even better when its time for decorating my own home as well. You can see some glimpses of it in a blogpost from earlier this week.

I also did a quick run roundtrip to fav city Copenhagen and Stockholm and stayed at some pretty nice hotels. Read more here and here if you need some recommendations. I love traveling and combining it with work is so much a privilege I appreciate very much. Copenhagen already looked festive when I visited in November so I can only imagine how wonderful it looks by now.

photo © elisabeth heier




I constantly feel bad for not updating the blog these days. Prioritizing a bit of rest instead of making inspiring content in between work, renovating, kids and life in general. Life with it´s imperfections and flaws. With a messy home, everyday stress and the joy of just being. So, my Saturday morning captured in five photos. Hang in there, I promise not to be as absent as this for long. Cause I love doing this 🖤

photos © elisabeth heier



Autumn is for long walks with a coffee in your hand in crisp air, visiting museums, put on woolen sweaters and light candles at night. Gazing at the architecture around you and find some new favorite spots. The old silo here at Grünerløkka was made into a student house some years ago, and the landmark looks quite amazing in the afternoon light. Which also Victoria Terrasse downtown does (below), just completely different. Oktober started out like this, the rest of the month? I´ve literally been running between work, my own renovation project and more work.And that renovation project? I´m supposed to move in late December, my friends are now making jokes about me living one week in each of their homes from January. I am making my dream home, it´s so much fun and it does take so much more time than it should due to when I´m moving. Well, as long as the most important rooms are ready it´s fine. If I can have a shower and have my bed there. ..I might have taken on a bit to much, but why do anything half way?

I´m almost done with the design of my new home, at least the layout, picking out the materials, lighting, faucets and in general everything that has to be in place from the beginning. I´ve given you some hints on how the kitchen and bathroom will look like here and here, some has changed along the way and I think I´ve even made some better choices after looking into alternatives. If I had time to look into alternatives for another two months I probably would, but that I don´t have time for.

Others have been renovating lately too. The so very talented Jannike and Alessandro (Kråkvik & D´Orazio) moved into much bigger premises earlier this month, after renovating what has now become Oslos most inspiring concept shop. See more photos from Kollekted By here and here. Another inspiring shop is OsloDeco (photos below). OsloDeco is a webshop, but they do have a very inspiring showroom open by appointment. Read more here.

photos © elisabeth heier

My monthly sum up makes me realize how privileged I am. To be able to do the thing I love for work, to meet so many interesting and passionate people who dares following their dreams, to tell the stories. Meet people who inspire, and how much it motivates me in my work. I got the best comment on Instagram this week «Once upon a time you were a little girl with big dreams that you promised yourself you´d make real one day. Remind yourself!» I promise. When weeks fly by, the day doesn’t have enough hours and paperwork takes over for creativity, I will. So hold on to that dream all of you.




September started with more travelling. A two day trip to Provence and Paris with Pillivuyt (see more here) was scheduled and I came back to Oslo just in time for Designers Saturday. Couldn’t miss out on that one. Especially since the event with open showrooms all around town only is arranged every other year.

After an exhausting month of August I so much looked forward to spend most of September in Oslo. Being with my children. Inhale the fresh autumn air. And get started with all the exciting projects that I had planned for. In between that I was assigned to style the apartment I am renting for sale. ..I know. A rare moment of relaxing in the photo below.

Styling my apartment was so much fun. Especially since Katerina (Only Deco Love) did the photography, and I can’t think of anyone better to team up with. She really nailed it, and the photos has been featured on so many nice blogs the last week. About time to give some love back to all of you. Thank you so much Allan/Bungalow5, Pella/Stil Inspiration, Malene/Boligcious, Elvera/Elv´s, Sarah/Coco Lapine Design, Ulrika/Seventeendoors, Anette/Inredningshjälpen, Frida/Trendenser. 

photography ©elisabeth heier. Last photo ©Katerina Dima/Only Deco Love




August went by with lots of travels but also with some really nice summer days spent in Oslo. Although it´s a small city compared to other European cities its got so much to offer. Above from our beautiful Opera House designed by renown architects Snøhetta and Saturday breakfast at the coffee place down the corner. Croissants and cappuccino is by far the best choice for breakfast when catching up with a friend during the weekend.

In between everything else thats happened I finally found my dream apartment as well. A year of searching for it, and so very happy! By October I will have the keys and start the renovations. So many choices, so many decisions. Making decisions for yourself is the hardest, right?!

Mid August the new Jotun Lady color chart was launched, and as usual they get a lot of attention. The new colors they have developed is so pretty, and you can read more and see some inspiring photos from it here. Polhem PR also hosted their annual summer party, beautifully decorated by Anette Willemine (below).

When I´ve been tired of working at home lately (we all need some change sometimes) I´ve been heading over to Katerinas place to work. ..a studio of our own should be next up on the list but for now its fine to be sharing workspaces at each others homes. And she does have a really nice office too!

To end the month of all events (it sure looks like I have been doing nothing but running from one party to another) Bo Bedre hosted their Design Award last week. Some very well deserved prices was handed out to talented designers and companies, a great way of celebrating Norwegian design.

photography © Elisabeth Heier