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Yesterday Ove Rogne, the founder and CEO of the design studio Northern Lighting announced the launch of the new lifestyle concept Northern. It is established to bridge the gap between statement making products and practical, multifunctional designs and will launch a range of furniture, lighting and interior accessories at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February. Northern Lighting is a well established Norwegian brand that is having great success with their concept  where they create lighting products in collaboration with designers around the world, with their Scandinavian simplicity and their commitment to quality and sustainability. And from now on the name is Northern.

The new brand was established with creative input from design duo Morten & Jonas, well-known for their signature eclectic style and forward-focused outlook. The new brand launches with products from leading designers as well as up-and-coming rookies, making the debut collection democratic in style and playful in tone. Northern’s debut collection includes streamlined seating, tables, lighting and interior accessories. The dual-purpose console table from Yonoh doubles as an e cient workstation or sleek sideboard. Cocktail hour can kick off with Färg & Blanch’s cabinet, which is designed to store drinks or provide discreet storage for other items. Products from designers such as Rudi Wul , Gridy, Cecilia Xinyu Zhang, Kyla McCallum, Vera & Kyte, Elina Ulvio, Mattias Stenberg, Ann Kristin Einarsen, Johan Lindsten, Johanna Forsberg, Sami Kallio and Morten & Jonas complete the range of this season’s collection.The Northern brand is characterised by a bold approach to shape and materials while addressing the consumer need for understated luxury and multi-purpose products. Although Northern’s style resonates with classic forms, the products challenge the status quo and take Scandinavian design in a fresh direction.

I´m excited to see more of what they are up to than the small glimpses from the press photos they released with the announcement. As always beautifully styled and photographed by Per Olav Sølvberg and Chris Tonnesen.

Photography Chris Tonnesen // Styling Per Olav Sølvberg





With the launch of the new wireless speaker Beoplay M3 a series of perfectly styled press photos arrived in my mailbox. I know the sound experience of the Beoplay speakers are super good, I have music playing non stop from the ones I have at home. Why I am a fan of Beoplay isn´t only the sound of course, but the design of their speakers as well. All Beoplay products are designed to both have the best of function and form. B&P work with talented designers as Cecilie Manz and Øivind Slaatto, and their speakers blend seamlessly into any interior with various color and material options (or stand out as cool design objects, but always with elegance). The new M3 speaker, designed by Cecilie Manz has a shape based on a simple silhouette to give it a clean expression. It has exchangeable covers in Kvadrat wool fabric or pearl-blasted aluminium so that you can customize M3 to fit perfectly into your home. And of course with the clean and powerful Bang & Olufsen sound. ..back to the press photos. Audio products taken to the level of art if you ask me.




In contrast to my up tempo days right now my November wish list is all about slowing down and staying at home with soft and comfortable clothes, some good reading (or for the book on my list, beautiful photos) and pampering myself. Regardless of long work hours and apartment renovations, most of us has some busy days when we are closing up on Christmas. About time to take care of ourselves, or what?

1. Hinoki Body Cream/Le Labo. I was gifted with one of these a while ago, and I got addicted immediately. Plant based, no cruel ingredients and super rich and buttery. A nice present for yourself or someone you care for. And now finally for those of us living in Oslo, Le Labo is now for sale at Sanatorium at St.Hanshaugen as the first retailer in Norway. 2. Circular Bowl/Menu. The alabaster bowl is a simple object turned into a spectacular piece who can both be a decorative object and gather your favorite items for a still. Love the cloudy appearance of it. Designed by German designer Alexa Lixfeld. 3. Ocean Ring/Maanesten. If I were to wear only one piece of jewelry this ring would be it. A perfectly balanced minimalistic statement ring. 4. Bedsheets/Midnatt. Swedish Midnatt was recently launched and are already a hit on Instagram with their inspiring photos. The sheets looks super nice, comes in a beautiful range of colors and are made of ecological cotton. 5. Terry sweatshirt- and pants/Aiayu. Ok, I want to wear this for a whole weekend. Made of organic terry cotton, and extra plus for the sustainable way of approaching design by Aiayu. 6. Palm/Cereal. A visual study of Palm Springs by photographer Rich Stapleton, Cereal´s creative director. I love Rich Stapeltons style of photography and the aesthetics of Cereal.



The trend of opening up small boutique hotels, who accommodates just a few persons is seen more and more. Vipp opened up their Vipp Loft last week, a luxury hotel with only one room in the centre of Copenhagen. (A 400m2 open space located on the upper floor of the VIPP offices in a former printing factory in Copenhagen’s Islands Brygge area.) Which is nothing like a hotel at all, but a experience like no one else.

Even more spectacular is The Krane, situated on the waterfront of an old harbour in Nordhavn. The Krane is a private retreat for two with amazing views of Copenhagen harbour, the ocean and beyond. A converted crane for loading coal where black is the red thread throughout the interior. The industrial surroundings of The Krane are in sharp contrast to the elegant interior, making this an upscale urban retreat that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Namely, a former crane transformed into a modern, multi-level refuge, replete with a reception area, meeting room, spa, and top floor with a living space, lounge and terrace.

Can you imagine waking up til this view? If I had the chance, I wouldn’t´t let my fear of heights hold me back. It looks quite amazing. In addition one are surrounded by the sober and understated luxury of furniture, lamps and accessories from Menu. With the bright ocean view the dark colors and materials used in the interior must feel very calming at the same time as it intensifies the views outside. Simply put by Joachim Kornbek Engell-Hansen, Brand & Design Director at Menu «The Krane is a new kind of luxury that you can see and sense in the touch and feel of honest materials. The designs. The craftsmanship. The simplicity.»


The Krane was spearheaded by owner and entrepreneur Klaus Kastbjerg and lead architect and master builder Mads Møller, founder of Arcgency, whose shared vision for The Krane was to retain its history and authenticity as an emblem of Nordhavn. Reincarnated into something contemporary but with soul by Menu and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Design Manager at Menu.

photo © Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen




Like I wrote in my previous post here, I meet so many interesting people through my work. People who dare follow their dreams, and who is an inspiration for others. Earlier this week I visited Kine and Kristoffer at Ask og Eng. The couple is exactly like I described. It all started with the couples desire to make something special, different and sustainable for their own home. It resulted in several hand made bamboo kitchens and was then followed by the establishment of the Ask og Eng studio in early 2016 where they now offer their hand crafted products to customers all over the country. Kine´s background is in environmental geography and climate change means that when it comes to design and manufacturing, sustainability is of utmost importance to her. Kristoffer is a trained architect and the practical aesthetic mind behind the company.

I have showed you some photos from their showroom earlier, but since then they have moved to a bigger premises, started collaborating with another carpentry on sharing space and equipment, and the production is more efficient. Still Kine and Kristoffer work side by side with the workshop, designing and developing new products and has the full overview on everything.

The kitchen above is designed and hand crafted by Ask og Eng, and I love the color and the surface of the bamboo. I learned that bamboo is harder than most types of wood, which makes it a good choice of material for kitchens, and of course the most important, the sustainability of it. The Ask og Eng collection also include doors ready made to fit IKEA units in addition to their custom made kitchens, which is a great option if you already have a well functioning Ikea kitchen, or move into a home who has one, but want a more high end and exclusive kitchen. I am getting a whole new kitchen for my apartment since I´ve changed the layout completely during the renovations, and the combination of Ikea and Ask og Eng is definitely one of my options.

photo © elisabeth heier



Autumn is for long walks with a coffee in your hand in crisp air, visiting museums, put on woolen sweaters and light candles at night. Gazing at the architecture around you and find some new favorite spots. The old silo here at Grünerløkka was made into a student house some years ago, and the landmark looks quite amazing in the afternoon light. Which also Victoria Terrasse downtown does (below), just completely different. Oktober started out like this, the rest of the month? I´ve literally been running between work, my own renovation project and more work.And that renovation project? I´m supposed to move in late December, my friends are now making jokes about me living one week in each of their homes from January. I am making my dream home, it´s so much fun and it does take so much more time than it should due to when I´m moving. Well, as long as the most important rooms are ready it´s fine. If I can have a shower and have my bed there. ..I might have taken on a bit to much, but why do anything half way?

I´m almost done with the design of my new home, at least the layout, picking out the materials, lighting, faucets and in general everything that has to be in place from the beginning. I´ve given you some hints on how the kitchen and bathroom will look like here and here, some has changed along the way and I think I´ve even made some better choices after looking into alternatives. If I had time to look into alternatives for another two months I probably would, but that I don´t have time for.

Others have been renovating lately too. The so very talented Jannike and Alessandro (Kråkvik & D´Orazio) moved into much bigger premises earlier this month, after renovating what has now become Oslos most inspiring concept shop. See more photos from Kollekted By here and here. Another inspiring shop is OsloDeco (photos below). OsloDeco is a webshop, but they do have a very inspiring showroom open by appointment. Read more here.

photos © elisabeth heier

My monthly sum up makes me realize how privileged I am. To be able to do the thing I love for work, to meet so many interesting and passionate people who dares following their dreams, to tell the stories. Meet people who inspire, and how much it motivates me in my work. I got the best comment on Instagram this week «Once upon a time you were a little girl with big dreams that you promised yourself you´d make real one day. Remind yourself!» I promise. When weeks fly by, the day doesn’t have enough hours and paperwork takes over for creativity, I will. So hold on to that dream all of you.