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I came home from Crete a few days ago, from one summery destination to another one as Oslo almost had the same warm temperature as the Greek island. I brought my Mac with me on vacation, as I always do.. with intentions of updating the blog at least once during my stay but directly fell into a very lazy and comfortable vacay mode with no updates at all. Back home I´m so very rested, after all I have only been staying at a beautiful resort and days went by with swims in the clear blue ocean, spending time with my children and soaking up on the sun. Exactly what I needed right now.

photography © elisabeth heier

No wonder I feel rested after spending a week in these surroundings.. The hotel is OBC in Makrigialos, and for more tips on Crete I visited some beautiful spots last summer as well – you´ll find everything gathered here,  the best coffee in Chania, a hotel tip in Kolimbari and some beach- and restaurant recommendations. 




I have taken some time off work the last few days to show my dear friend Katerina (Only Deco Love) who moved here last week some of my favorite places in our neighborhood, and my recommendations might be useful for you as well if you are visiting Oslo and want to see something else than the typical tourist places. My part of the city is called Grünerløkka, and from the city center it will take you about ten minutes to walk (or you can catch tram number 11, 12 or 13, they will all take you here). Grünerløkka is originally an old working class area along the beautiful river Akerselva where all the factories were situated (if you follow my stories on Instagram you can see some glimpses from time to time from the river, its a really nice place to go for a walk or a run). Not so much of a working class area anymore, the streets are lively and you will find both students and families living here.
There´s a reason why I moved back here right. The atmosphere is casual and friendly, and I promise you, you will easily spend some hours wandering the streets in my neighborhood.

The best wine bar in town. A huge selection of wine by glass, high quality wines and skilled sommeliers behind the counter. This place is always packed, both inside and out on the street, but stop by anyways, the atmosphere is so nice and its definetly worth having a glass of wine regardless.

Bass Oslo
Delicious food, minimalistic interior, and a nice neighborhood atmosphere. They call themselves a gastro pub, no spesific genre but I find the food quite Nordic in style with pure tastes and high quality ingredients. I recommend you to book a table in advance of your visit, the place is very popular amongst the locals.

One star Guide Michelin restarant owned and run by Swedish chef Mikael Svensson. Kontrast is a modern Scandinavian restaurant focusing on using ingredients that are both local and at the peak of their season. Their main goal is to offer world class, organic and ethically sourced ingredients and they recieved their first Michelin star in 2016. Book a table and go for dinner.
See more here from my visit earlier this spring.

For other places to eat I recommend Kamai for delicious sushi and bao in their café, or try the full kaiseki menu in their restaurant. Txotx for authentic basque pintxos, Taco Republica for the best tacos in town and Himkok if you´re up for cocktails later. (Taco Republica and Himkok is situated between the city centre and Grünerløkka) Make sure to stop by Mathallen too, a nice indoor food market with several good restaurants. Hitchhiker is my favorite at Mathallen. For breakfast or lunch try the newly opened Drivhuset Deli with their plant based food. Nice salads, pancakes, porridge, juices and more.

Kollekted by
Inspiring and always with some exciting new products, Kollekted by is run by the stylist duo Jannicke Kråkvik and Allesandro
D´Orazio. An interior shop where you´ll find up and coming young designers behind the counter, carefully curated products by the owners and brands like Frama, Menu, Futagami, New Works, Guri Sandvik, Another Country and more.

Scandinavian and cool, owned by former stylist Marte Økelsrud. Brands like A.P.C. Carven, Eytys, Lovechild, Norse Projects, Nué Notes, Rodebjer and Totême.

Right next to Ensemble you´ll find Dapper. Mens clothes and accesories, traditional barber equipment, a barber salon and bikes. Right around the corner you´ll also find their bike workshop.

Also visit Babel for womens clothes and labels like Yvonne Koné, Isabel Marant Etoilé, Ganni, FWSS, Whyred and more. Cos and Weekday is also represented near Olaf Ryes Plass. Houz, Granit (Thorvald Meyersgate 63) and Futura for interior shopping, Houz is a short drive away but worth it if you have time. (See more from Houz here)

You are always close to one of the green parks at Grünerløkka, and in the weekends you´ll find markets and fun events here. Also great for picnics and barbecues. Find your favorite spot in Birkelunden, Sofienbergparken (also with a nice playground for kids), Olaf Ryes plass or Kubaparken.

I´m trying to find out where I can buy the best ice cream this summer, and På Pinne is high up on my list. I bought my Koko Chanel from their truck at Schous Plass, and with ingredients like avocodo, dates, raw cocoa and coconut milk it´s not only tasty but healthy too. Another good place for ice cream is Ice Crime which you can find at Munchies in Thorvald Meyersgate 36. Try the salty caramel..

Supreme Roastworks
One of the best places for coffee is Supreme, and you are safe to be served the very best by world champion brewer Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen who also is one of the co cowners. Lots of locals catching up at the bar, friendly and higly skilled staff. Supreme has their own roastery inside the coffee shop and the atmosphere is always super nice.

Another coffee roastery and espresso bar to visit is Tim Wendelboe a little bit further down on Grünerløkka. Recommended!

photography © elisabeth heier





Up for some beautiful furniture news in the middle of summer? Danish design in combination with materials as wood and leather will never fail, right. During 3 Days of Design the Danish design duo Design Studies, launched a collection called «The Dinesen Collection» at the Dinesen showroom. A collection of furniture made as a celebration to the beauty of Dinesen wood. Dinesen is a world-renowned purveyor of exquisite wood, seen in floorings and furniture for commercial and private venues around the globe. Design Studies has worked with the natural beauty of wood and leather. Wood from Dinesen was used to create simple, functional furniture with seating crafted in Sorensen Leather. Sørensen Leather provide the leather for many of the most celebrated designs featured in museums, galleries, showrooms and collections around the world, and I am a huge fan of their beautiful products. See more here, from the collaboration they recently did with Norm Architects.

photography © Anders Hviid and Stine Christiansen





Sponsored/In collaboration with Ellos
Vacation is closing up and in the meantime I use my small balcony and the park as much as I can to soak up on the sun. The beach is also close, but when you´re still working it kinda feels more timesaving to spend half an hour right outside the door when sun is shining instead of spending time traveling to the beach. For the summer holiday I don´t really need a lot, but I always bring music, some good reading, nice towels and a huge bag for carrying everything back and forth to the beach. My suitcase on the other hand, well I´m not a very good planner so I always bring so much more than I really need. (No «how to pack your suitcase for the holiday» coming up from me..)

I like my beach towels to be thin, soft and big enough to cover the whole sunbed and these from Ellos is perfect. Saray Beach Towel is also part of the Ellos Conscious Choice-collection which means its made from ecological cotton. As a bonus all Ellos Home textiles is 30% off until tomorrow (3/7). The Day Beach Bag is also available at Ellos, and fits everything I need to bring with me to the beach. It can easily fit towels for the whole family and it still has room for extra clothes and everything else I might need.

For reading I´ve been browsing through my Drift magazines lately, the magazine which is all about coffee. The people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit. Writers and photographers, alongside coffee shop owners, baristas, streetcart vendors, and patrons, captures a glimpse of what it’s like to drink coffee in the specific city. It might sound a bit nerdy but the magazine has beautiful photos and will work as a guide to the best coffee places in the city if you are visiting, as well as it is interesting reading.

photography © elisabeth heier



Do you remember I did Instagram weekly for a short while? For those of you who has been missing it, I´m back with a monthly sum up instead. Hopefully easier to do it once a month instead of once a week, and more content to choose from. Honstely, some weeks I´m stuck infront of my computer every day, and I don´t think anyone is interested in seeing those stories. June on the other hand, I´ve been having so little time in my office. Feels like I´m constantly traveling, which I love, so let´s just keep it going. I really like doing the Instagram stories, and the engagement from you makes it so much fun. A little bit like Instagram was in the beginning, at least for me it is. I´ll easily admit that my Instagram photos becomes more and more curated (and it´s fine) but with stories theres more room for the spontaneous and personal photos. At least I love seeing the stories from those I follow, and since they disappear after 24 hours – here we go, a sum up of my June.

Above, on my way to Copenhagen for 3 Days of Design in the beginning of June. Beautiful marble floors and neon signs at Oslo Airport and Copenhagen Airport. I´ve seen «The Journey is on» captured in so many accounts lately, and of course we all can relate to the feeling of excitement of traveling. I love it.

I´ve been doing a lot of posts about 3 Days of Design, and two of the most beautiful places I visited during the event was the newly opened Menu Space and the private home of Niels Strøyer Christophersen, the Frama studio apartment. The night had a crazy schedule, but somehow Katerina (Only Deco Love) and I managed three events (with no stress, I really enjoyed every one of them!) plus the Architonic afterparty. And last up, on those heels on cobble stones through Copenhagen. I swear I walk better in heels than in any sneaker ;) You can see the blogpost from the Frama apartment here, and the beautiful curtains from Italian Dedar? On my wish list.

Coming home to Oslo and everyday with taking my children to school and kindergarten makes a good balance. I am still having this intense feeling of happiness when we walk out on the street early morning. Being back home at Grünerløkka, after a few years of absence makes me appreciate the city life even more. And no, I´m certainly not done with the lattes. A nicely done leaf in my milk froth makes me smile. Above, my five year old Sophia captured me looking for something in my bag. We do have the nicest morning walks together.

Random everyday photos also include my office summer outfit (above), mostly jeans and a white t-shirt or top.. And the famous quotes from the Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen who is incorporated into the sidewalks of Oslos main street, Karl Johan. Walking there with small children who knows how to read can take some time. Just saying.

Being a freelancer has its benefits.. like starting the day in bed with a coffee, checking emails and plan the rest of the day ahead. Especially now that my vacation is coming up soon and days finally feels a little less hectic. And the morning routine, sorry neighbours, I do need that music in the bathroom.

Norwegian summers are so beautiful, but also so very unreliable when it comes to the weather. The bright nights though, amazing. I can never get myself to bed early. The roof top view photo below was taken at 23.00 this Friday. Yes please, so many more nights like this.

photography © elisabeth heier 




Annonse/In collaboration with Holmegaard
Noe av det fineste jeg vet når jeg dekker sommerbordet er å fylle det med blomster. De som ser ut som de håndplukket på engen rett i nærheten. Disse er selvfølgelig ikke det, men er du heldig å ha en frodig hage eller bo landlig kan du fint finne egnede blomster rett utenfor døren din. I samarbeid med Holmegaard har jeg dekket et enkelt sommerbord med vasene Flora som nettopp har kommet i nye farger, og de egner seg godt til det minimalistiske, skandinaviske uttrykket jeg liker så godt. Ved å sette sammen en gruppe med vaser i forskjellige høyder med kun en blomst i hver vase blir uttrykket enkelt men alikevel frodig. For å understreke det lette og enkle uttrykket har jeg valgt både servise, duk og linservietter i hvitt. Vin- og vannglass er fra Holmegaards serie Cabernet.

When i set the table for summer I love filling it with flowers. Preferably the handpicked ones. Luckily I have some nice flowershops in my neighbourhood, but you can find the most beautiful flowers for an arrangement like this without buing them to. For the summer tablesetting I have collaborated with Holmegaard and used their Flora vases which recently was relaunched in new colors. They are a perfect match for the minimalistic, scandinavian expression I prefer, and a group of vases with one flower in each toghether with white plates, napkins and table cloth looks beautifully simple and summery. The wine- and water glasses is from the Cabernet series from Holmegaard.

Flora fra Holmegaard ble designet av Louise Campbell i 2007 og nå ti år senere er den vakre vasen fortsatt like aktuell. Campbell har røtter fra to forskjellige designkulturer, England og Danmark, og også i to vidt forskjellige blomstertradisjoner. Den overdådige, romantiske engelske blomsterhagen og den danske forkjærligheten for enkle, naturlige blomsterarrangementer. Flora hører hjemme i den nordiske minimalismen, som også går som en rød tråd gjennom resten av Campbells formgivining. Samtidig finner hun også inspirasjon i Holmegaards omfattende designarkiv som i generasjoner har fremstilt klassiske bruksglass som apotekerglass og ølflasker. Former som går igjen i Flora, der Campbell har gitt hverdagsprodukter en ny vri. Flora har blitt en klassiker i Holmegaards sortiment og nå er den også tilgjengelig i nye farger, klar, røkfarget og midnattsblå.

The Flora vase was designed in 2007 by Louise Campbell, and the vase range was immediatly a hit. Now, ten years later its back with new colors, matching todays trends. Campbell is one of Denmarks leading, acclaimed designers, but she is also known on the international design scene for both her furniture and interior design collections. Her aesthetic designs transform everyday objects into beautiful, functional works of art. Flora vase is now available in three different colors, clear, smoke and midnight blue, and in two different heights. 

Jeg har brukt både den røkfargede og den klare vasen på mitt bord. Med variasjon i høyde, form og farge gjør det uttrykket mer spennende samtidig som de ikke tar oppmerksomheten bort fra blomstene. Flora har et karakteristisk design med bred bunn og en smal hals. Dette bringer både letthet og tyngde sammen i en annereledes og industriell form samtidig som den gir ultimate forhold for blomstene, plass til rikelig med vann og god støtte til stilkene.

Like godt som i et arrangement med flere vaser passer Floravasen alene. Jeg kan godt ha denne stående fremme også uten blomster i, den nærmest skulpturelle formen er så vakker i seg selv.

I have used the clear and the smoke colored vase for my table. The variation of form, color and height makes it more interesting, at the same time the vases doesn´t take the attention away from the flowers. Designer Louise Campbell created the Flora vase based on the idea that fresh flowers need plenty of water. The spacious bottom blends beautifully with the long, slender neck, ideal for a long-stemmed flower.

The vase looks just as nice solitaire as in a group of vases. I´ll just as well have it standing in the window sill or on a shelf even without flowers, the sculptural design is truly beautiful. 

photography © elisabeth heier