Since I´m on the move the beautiful apartment I have been renting the for the last nine months is now up for sale. Last week my talented friend and colleague Katerina Dima shot these photos of it for the sales ad. Working with Katerina is always a pleasure and she really did magic for the apartment with her camera. Although I love the fact that I now have my very own apartment, I have enjoyed it so much living here. Lucky those who will end up buying it.

Since the apartment was newly renovated when I moved in I only repainted some of the walls and brought with me my furniture. The high ceilings, beautiful windows and floors and the original stucco – it makes a unique atmosphere. Exactly what I wished for.

And the balcony. I´ve been out here as soon as the sun has been shining all spring and summer!

I don´t think I have ever showed my childrens room either here on the blog or on Instagram, although it´s not very big it is so cosy. And their comment after I cleaned up all their toys and stuff lying around for the photos? We´re never making a mess again mom, this is so nice! You can imagine how long it lasted.. The difference between a real home and a styled one is huge, at least for my home. But it can look so nice when all the clutter is moved back to where it belongs.

photography © Katerina Dima/Only Deco Love / Styling by Elisabeth Heier

A warm thanks to Houz and Kollekted By for lending me props for the styling.

The sales ad for Thorvald Meyersgate 62c can be viewed here.  




It might be the most beautiful home I´ve seen for a very long time. The home of the famous Swedish stylist and designer, Annaleena Leino-Karlsson. I have been following her blog for years and I remember so well when she moved with her family to Stockholm, rented a house (and the rental house made it to the magazines as well of course) while this one was built. And it all seems to be such a short while ago. But here it is, featured together with an interview of Annaleena in Residence Magazine.

Minimalistic, contemporary and with a airy, clean feeling no one masters as well as Annaleena. She doesn’t only design her own furniture, but the house is also designed by her, with her husband doing the technical part of it. More photos and an interview with Annaleena over at Residence Magazine – and don´t miss out on the bathroom. I absolutely love it.



I find this apartment for sale in Stockholm by Fantastic Frank to be the most inspiring this week. The apartment is only 40 square meters, but is very functional and the stylist Josefin Hååg has styled it with perfection. The color scheme is so beautiful, warm neutrals combined with grey and mustard. Very much a favorite mix of mine right now, not only in the interior but also in my wardrobe. Love the details in brass.

This is such a good example on how you can fit everything you need into your living room, which I guess can be inspiring to both students and first time buyers. It is essential to choose furniture that won’t  take up to much space when you need to use your living room both for work, sleep and relaxation. A small bed, a desk and a couch, and also storage has found it´s natural space here. The built in shelf is similar to what I have in my own living room, and is a great way to take use of a door opening not in use anymore. In old apartments the layout is often changed and you can find these openings hidden behind a thin layer of plaster. You can see the shelf in my living room here. To make the storage even more functional I would add some boxes to all those small things and papers you never know where to put.

Art and different kinds of prints is a great way to add personality to your home, and if you draw or paint yourself mix your own with other favorites. Pillows and textiles with different textures, shapes and colors is another easy way to make it more personal. ..the Knot cushion by Design House Stockholm was designed by Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir in 2011, and is a accessory that stands with its interesting shape.

The Mantis wall lamp is a clever choice when space is limited. It can be swung out over the work space or over the sitting area depending on your need. Not a very budget friendly choice of lamp, on the other side this is a design classic you will be happy to bring with you to your next home, and the one after.

The hallway also has one of those door openings that isn´t in use anymore, and again used as storage. A great way to fit a small wardrobe into the space with room for the essentials.

The kitchen has room for a small dining table next to the window. In addition the apartment also has its private outdoor space where you can have morning coffee in the sun. Perfect, right?

Even the the small bathroom has everything you need and looks absolutely gorgeous. A small unit with sink, a shower and storage on the wall. In addition luxurious products on display in brown and wood, exactly what you need to add warmth to a bathroom in white and grey.

photos via Fantastic Frank / styling by Josefin Hååg



Finally there is a beautifully styled apartment for sale in Oslo too. Of course there is nice places for sale, but the styling is not quite what we see in Sweden for example. Please, let us see more of this. Inspiring and very much qualified for an interior magazine. The apartment is styled by Oslo Deco, and will be sold off market. As in, upper price range..
(for more info email

If I had the oppurtunity to buy a place like this I would happily move in and keep all of the furniture as well. The Modern Line sofa from Gubi is on top of my wish list, the same goes for the Plinth marble table from Menu. Aslo spot one of my favorite objects on top of the Plinth table, the Aura mirror by Norwegian designer Bjørn van den Berg. The photo leaning against the wall behind the sofa is by Wolfgang Tilmanns and the lounge table with glass top is Noguchi from Vitra.

The dining area is furnished with Mater Dining table and Eames Wire chair from Vitra. Combined with the grey carpet from Layered and the light wooden floors the result is a modern and sophisticated dining area. Tips; see how the storage is kept quite low throughout the apartment. By doing so you keep the airy feeling from the high ceilings, and create lines in the room which underline the calm and elegant expression.

Walls painted grey and details in steel and chrome can give a cold expression, but with soft carpets, wooden details and green plants cleverly added by the stylists theres nothing cold over this interior. Perfection if you ask me.. Eames Lounge Chair from Vitra and Slit table from Hay. Kitchen below from Bulthaup.

Dream bathroom with skyline view over the city. Black marble tiles and white walls softened up with furniture in light oak. The bedroom below has the same wooden details and one of my favorite lamps, Tolomeo from Artemide.

Furnishing and styling by Oslo Deco / Photography Birgit Fauske, with thanks 

More photos and details at Oslo Deco




I came across these photos yesterday via April and May, and I love the mix of materials, the light and the warm yet minimalistic feeling in the house. Nicolas Schuybroek Architects renovated the house from the early 1800´s in Antwerp, a charming old house but dark and not quite up to date to how we live now. The focus of the restoration was on he architectural part of the house: re imaging circulations, volumes, connections between spaces and most importantly, introducing natural light. I love how the architectural parts are the most important ones, when it´s done as cleverly as here the house feels like a piece of art even before its furnished. No mouldings, no unnecessary clutter, only beautiful materials and surfaces put together in a sophisticated way.

Of course, I´m still very in love with chevron floors and if my next apartment doesn´t have original ones I´ll cheat and buy new.. Notice how cleverly the radiators are built in under the windows. The window sills get even deeper when it is done like this, and
I´m sure it would be really nice to cuddle up in one of those with a book and a cup of tea.
The wooden beam ceiling is another nice detail of the house. It adds so much warmth to the light interior, and becomes an architectural feature of as much importance as the other surfaces. A good tip (it can be done in a smaller scale of course) if you would like to do something different with your ceilings than the regular, clean white ones.

«The notion of apparent simplicity became a key design element in this project: it was about reinventing a certain type of minimalism and sophistication where the light, volumes and proportions would be as important as the refined interior details and materials.» Nicolas Schuybroek Architects

The raw textures of the house; honed marble, natural oak and the wooden beam ceiling looks amazing with the midcentury furniture pieces. So much personality, so much sophistication.

Via DPAGES and Nicolas Schuybroek Architects  Photographs — Claessens & Deschamps, Thomas de Bruyne





Denne ukens hittil mest inspirende kommer fra Stockholm og leiligheten med de spesialtegnede løsningene har så mange fine kvaliteter. Gode og varige materialer med betong, bjørk og marmor og løsninger som ser både funskjonelle og smarte ut. Jeg liker spesielt godt kontrastene mellom den gyldne bjørken i kjøkkeninnredningen og den kjølige marmoren i spisebordet. Ekebergsmarmor som er benyttet både i bordet og på badet er nytt for meg, men så utrolig fint! Abolutt et materiale å huske på til senere, utvinnes i Sverige nordøst for Ørebro.




Barnerommet har noen løsninger jeg liker godt, spesielt den spesialbygde sengen som kan huse to små barn. Smart om rommet er langt og smalt (og det er de jo ofte i eldre bygårdsleiligheter som jeg ser etter leilighet i). Og like gjennomført som resten av leiligheten med bruk av bjørk i innredningen og rene linjer med masse dagslys.




Først sett hos ByEmma, flere bilder her. 


// Love the light, modern expression and mix of materials in this Swedish appartment for sale. There´s also lots of smart and functional solutions to be inspired by, like the bed that could easily fit two in the kids room. //