One of the highlights during Designers Saturday in Oslo last week was the Fogia showcase at Arkitektenes Hus. But instead of showing you photos from a crowded showroom I´ll rather share their new lifestyle photos. The photos is styled by Kråkvik & D´Orazio and shot by Jonas Bjerre Poulsen in a beautiful building in Copenhagen – with flowing light, exactly like the way Fogia interpret Scandinavian Design – with a dream of the Scandinavian light.

Above Figurine chair,  design Note DesignStudio, Ropemaker rug, design TAF Arkitekter, sofa Retreat – design Monica Förster, shelf Arch – design Note DesignStudio, light Gatto from Flos.

In spring 2017, Fogia were looking for a new way of visualizing the dream that the their brand stands for rigth now and years to come. A difficult task because of more than 35 year old Swedish brand has its luggage, both positive and negative. After a hard job finding the right environment and the right team, they finally found what they were looking for – the light that is in line with their own interpretation of Scandinavian Design. A collaboration between architect and photographer Jonas Bjerre Poulsen, stylists Kråkvig & D´Orazio and Fogia themselves resulted in these photos.

Above Dini sofa – design Andreas Engesvik, Bowl table – design Andreas Engesvik, rug – vintage.

In Scandinavia, the light is an important factor because a large part of the year it is dark and grey as the sun rarely shows itself. We dream of places and environments where the light flows and makes life feel easier. Most people do not get the opportunity to create an environment or home where the light is allowed to flow through large windows, but we have a dream and a wish for it.

Above Poppy Pouf – design Nina Jobs

Hidden among the residential buildings and with a park as the nearest neighbor the team found a fantastic house, a creation made of concrete, wood and glass. The house was created to give home to the local scout community. The house was designed by architect Sophus Søbye and was completed in 2015. The big windows in combination with wood and concrete were what made them react. «Here I want to live, I want it at home, here we have to photograph the dream that personalizes Fogia», thought the whole team. The meeting between the furniture, architecture, materials and the natural light was what they had been looking for.

Above Tiki Sofa – design Andreas Engesvik, Area bord – design Note DesignStudio, Archetto shelf – design Note DesignStudio, Poppy pouf – design Nina Jobs, Pluto vase – design Andreas Engesvik, Pastille side table – design TAF Arkitekter

Photography by Jonas Bjerre Poulsen © Fogia




I came home from Paris just in time for the opening of Designers Saturday in Oslo yesterday. A whole weekend dedicated to design with open showrooms, exiting lectures and events all around town. New this year is the Unika Auction hosted by Blomquist Nettauksjon, Designer´s Saturday Oslo and Klubben. Unika Auction is an online auction where the designers own prototypes, prototypes by manufacturers, color- and material tests, o-series and hand drawn sketches is auctioned and on display during Designer´s Saturday event. An online aution of Norwegian contemporary design. The objects can be found here and is exhibited at Kunsthøyskolen in Oslo if you want to stop by and have a look. The aution is ending tomorrow afternoon and if you want a unique design piece there is still time.

Some of the objects auctioned is from left above, Turntable by Nils Stensrud, Rocks whiskey stones by Runa Klock, Steel pipe frame from Pony, chair by Tormod Alnæs, and A2 test keramikk sculpture by Sigve Knutson.

Tumble vase above by Falke Svatun. The vase is an early test cast with naturally structured pattern on the surface. The stoneware vessel´s cut-out allows for the object to sit on an edge.

Vigeland vase by Andreas Engesvik, prototype in casted bronze.

Turntable by Nils Stensrud and Moment candle holder by Lars Beller Fjetland.

Photography © Bjørn van den Berg & Falke Svatun

Fauna bookends by Hallgeir Homstvedt and Hege Homstvedt.





I wrote a little bit about Oslo Design Fair earlier this week and during my visit yesterday I took some photos of the inspiring tendency exhibit curated by Kirsten Visdal and Per Olav Sølvberg. The stylists has interpreted four tendencies they believe in for the future; Poetic, New Luxury, Workshop and Futuristic. «The world still feels insecure and it makes us seek our roots. We want the earthy, the retro. Past can be found among different styles, from the ancient classic art via industrialism to the seventies with burned colors and ceramics». – Kirsten Visdal.

I especially found the living room inspiring. The style is what they call New Luxury, an new way of seeing Art Deco where soft fabrics, graphic elements and different kinds of metals is the base for the New Luxury trend. The room represents a person that surround herself with art, vintage treasures and handmade objects. The value of the objects is founded in the materials and in the history of the object. The stylists describes the style as a result of todays consumers high buying power. The result is personal interiors with a mix of styles and historical eras. The sofa (Fogia) used in the living room dressed with a beautiful velvet fabric looks super luxurious, mixed with art, a terrazzo table, also Fogia, and different patterns gives the room lots of personality. Also spotted, Bollo Chair designed by Andreas Engesvik for Fogia, floor lamp from Handvärk, Yuue floor lamp from Northern Lighting, Auro Mirror by Bjørn Van den Berg/New Works and fav magazine Cereal.

The kitchen is decorated in a poetic style focusing on the essential and the functional. Inspired by the old masters the stylists has interpreted the relation between light and shadow. The color palette is muted and earthy, raw ceramics and honest materials in an ascetic way. The kitchen used in the exhibition is from Danish Frama and also here I spot some beautiful lamps from Northern Lighting, floor mat from Heymat. Photographer Trine Hisdal has taken the portrait photo above.

The third tendency is called workshop and is a fusion between art, design and crafts. It represents a more raw expression than the other tendencies described with materials as stone, concrete and plaster against shiny surfaces and metals. It´s a creative room who shows a prosess. Artists represented are Ragnhild Wiik, Hilde Mæhlum, Sigve Knutson, Pettersen & Hein and more.

The last room was an interpretation of the futuristic trend. Technology, neon light, colder colors and surrealism points to the future. It´s also about rebellion, mirrors and illusions. The stylists has been working a lot with light and shadow in the exhibition. How the light shines through the windows and from doors between the different rooms. They´ve been inspired by how the old masters caught the light but also by the futuristic and the modern.

The exhibition is designed like a home and the stylists hope to inspire the visitors to see the connections between different styles, expressions and inspirations. They want to erase the lines between between the different styles and help people see how they can mix them together, that there are no rules and no need to choose one specific style but instead choose whatever you like and mix it into your personal style. The exhibition is very inspiring and if you haven´t been visiting yet I recommend you do.

phptography © elisabeth heier





Like I wrote earlier, this week is all about press events and fall news in Oslo. Yesterday Danish Lyngby Porcelain invited to dinner at Ett Bord to show their fall news and inspire to how to decorate the table with the beautiful rifled Lyngby vases and candle holders. Anne Mina Lillelien from Mina Milanda (you can see some photos from her flower shop here) showed us how to mix green leaves and flowers to create a casual look on the table and how well the Lyngby vases goes with both a big bouquet of flowers or a single leaf or flower. New color on the classic Lyngby Porcelain vase this year is the pretty green color, called Copenhagen Green seen below.

photography © Elisabeth Heier 





LADY 10580 Soft Skin

Today the new Lady Color Chart 2018 was launched in Oslo, and like every year it´s an important event I think we all look forward to with excitement. Some of the colors turns out to be super popular early on and set the trends for the next year to come. Jotun are known to use a lot of time and resources for their research on tendencies and to develop colors that not only look beautiful but that you actually will love surrounding yourself with. This year again I´m impressed about their new color chart. Also the press photos are usually inspiring and this years photos is no exception. Shot at some very pretty locations by Danish photographer Line Klein and styled by the the Norwegian stylist duo Kråkvik & D´Orazio. (Anyone recognize the home of Danish architect Jonas Bjerre Poulsen from Norm Architects and Swedish stylist and designer Annaleena Leino further down?)

The new chart is called Rhythm of Life. Because life at home has its own pulse, a rhythm that effects the way we live, choices we make and how we see the world. The color chart consists of 32 colors and it´s designed to make it easy for us to create a well balanced palette throughout our homes. The paint LADY Pure Color is launched in a new version, even more matte to create a luxurious feel. The color chart represents global color tendencies where it the last few years has been less white walls and more colors used. Lisbeth Larsen, global color manager at Jotun told us about the three tendencies they have identified throughout their work which sets the themes in the new color chart. Jotun has called the three tendencies City Motions, Silent Serenity and Lush Garden.

LADY 1024 Tidløs

Silent Serenity
We can see how new meets old, how silence and calmness occurs when different shades of brown and light peach is used. Colors that together with handmade objects gives us associations to foreign countries and a simple way of living – with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Nuances from desert landscapes, toned down peach and browns unites in a relaxing atmosphere where stories from sunny countries are whispered in your ear. I love the color LADY 10966 Almond Beige and even though it´s not a new color this year, LADY 10580 Soft Skin is still a favorite of mine.
Photos 1 -4.

LADY 10966 Almond Beige and LADY 20047 Blushing Peach

LADY 10966 Almond Beige and LADY 10965 Hipster Brown

LADY 1091 Lys Antikkgrå

City Motions
The second tendency is called City Motions and spurs from the new, creative environments we can see in cities like Copenhagen, New York and Berlin. Urban challenges demands new solutions and a new generation shows us how with a smarter way of living. They bring a new kind of modernism. Everything unnecessary must go when compact rooms is transformed into sophisticated homes made up by a functional minimalism. The minimalistic trend is captured in City Motions with a base of blue nuances. The new color LADY 10981 Norwegian Wood (brownish red) is one of the colors that easily adjusts and can be combined with both the peach hues from Silent Serenity and the colors from City Motions.
Photos 5-8.

LADY 5455 Industrial Blue and LADY 5044 Blåis

LADY 10965 Hipster Brown and LADY 10961 Raw Canvas

LADY 10981 Norwegian Wood

LADY 8281 Pale Linden

Lush Garden
Green is the color of new life and we have seen a lot of green hues lately. Now they become deeper and we also see blue-green colors together with red nuances. Lush Garden is an expression of the harmony you will find in botanical gardens and in beautiful, exotic nature. The colors brings the essence of these environments into your home and creates a calm atmosphere with references to tropical destinations. The color LADY 8281 Pale Linden (above) is one of my favorites from Lush Garden, and I think it is very versatile.
Photos 9-12.

LADY 10963 Golden Bronze

LADY 20054 Silky Pink

LADY 8302 Laurbær

Photography Line Thit Klein, styling by Kråkvik & D´Orazio. © Jotun LADY





During my visit to Copenhagen this week I got to see the new Ferm Living showroom at Amagertorv, called The Home. The beautiful old apartment was renovated this summer, and appears like a real home where the Ferm Living universe can be experienced. The Home is open by appointment.

The Home is also the name of the new autumn/winter collection 2017. «It´s that certain scent, a familiar atmosphere, walls that know your name. So much more than just a place, the home is where we feel at ease. It´s the space that lets us grow into who we wish to become. Where we are who we are.» Ferm Living. The AW-17 collection brings a touch of nordic decadence to the home. Through merging the essence of a graphic Nordic design identity with an allure of understated sophistication they have created a vibrant and bold collection in which the richness of materials, volume and textures finds its balance among clean shapes and soft lines.

Above from the bedroom where the plant box was shown in the new color rose with a brass tray. The plant box is a versatile product, and I really like how they have shown it here, for storing books and magazines, and beauty products. Would also be great in the hallway for storage of all those small things you newer know where to put.

The dining room were beautifully decorated and all set for dinner. The pink color used on the walls is a bold choice but worked out really well and gave the room a nice and warm atmosphere. Mingle table in green and Herman chairs in black. The Ripple champagne glasses (below) are among my favorites from Ferm Living.

The living room is furnished with Herman lounge chair, Turn sofa, Punctual shelving system and the Marble table. For the new collection Ferm has playfully re-interpreted the classic stripes into wallpapers and textiles, here the new Thin Lines Wallpaper. This was the first time I saw the shelving system close up and I really liked it. Punctual is well crafted and meant to be used. It´s suited to grow with you and your home, as it can be expanded with new modules. Again, a versatile product that fits into every room of the home.

There were so many nice details in the apartment, and the Ferm Living collection is shown in an inspiring way. Seeing furniture and accessories «in use» is very different than seeing them on display in a shop or styled in a catalogue. A good example is the Frame pin board (below) that in a shop might seem anonymous but here stands out in the office like a cool product – perfect for making mood boards etc.

A huge congratulations to Ferm Living with the new showroom and warm thanks to the hosts for the delicious dinner. It will be remembered for a long time. :)

photography © elisabeth heier