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The last week before Christmas is spent in the sun at the Canary Islands with my family. My dad is celebrating his birthday and invited the whole family with him, and I feel quite spoiled to be here considering everything I have going on at the moment. The renovations in my apartment is finishing up and the move is closing up. ..so I´ll be lucky to arrive Oslo rested and ready for everything thats waiting. While I’m here there are of course work to be done too, but half the day in the sun and some hours working isn’t a bad deal at all. Back in Oslo it´s freezing cold and snowy streets, and here? Nothing but blue skies, pretty views of palms and the ocean. I’m soaking up on sunlight before I’m heading home to empty one apartment and move into the new one.

photo © elisabeth heier



Its always a good idea to visit Copenhagen, one after the other, cool shops are opening up in the Danish capital. Ok, so we can finally get some of the Le Labo products in Oslo too but its not quite the same as buying a perfume that is hand blended for you buy the skilled perfumers working at the Le Labo stores – which we up until recently had to travel a bit longer for. Stockholm also got their own Le Labo shop, so guys, when are you coming to Oslo?!

Walking into a Le Labo store is lika walking into a candy store for grown ups. Amazing scents, bottles and packaging so nice you want to take it all with you, and the newly launched skin care range is addictive. I refilled with my favorites last week in Copenhagen.

Situated in Store Strandstræde 14A, right next to other favorites of mine, Aiayu, Yvonne Koné and Aesop. Studio Oliver Gustav has left for some bigger (and amazing premises) but rumors has it that more great things are happening in this street. Perfect if you’re in Copenhagen for work and don’t really have a lot of time over, Store Strandstræde is centrally located right next to Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavn.

photos © elisabeth heier




I did a small Scandinavian roundtrip this week, from Oslo to Copenhagen, then Stockholm and back home again. My stay in Stockholm was short this time, but I finally got to stay at Miss Clara – which is even better than all the photos I’ve seen from the hotel. Miss Clara was originally a girls school built in 1910, transformed into a unique design hotel where the Art Nouveau history has been carefully combined with timeless Scandinavian design. What you don’t get from the photos is the atmosphere, the people who work there who genuinely wants to help and make your stay the best and the small details that matters so much. I’m easy to charm that way.. the lobby smells like walking into a very luxurious boutique, the coffee is made just perfect with pretty patterns in the foam, the soap in the bathroom is from Byredo, and the bathrobe is supersoft. Small details that makes the very beautiful hotel even more of a «I need to go back here» place. The reason for my visit was an event hosted by Beoplay at Alma, and I´ll share some photos from the dinner later. ..wish I could share both sound and scent here!

photos © elisabeth heier



I left Oslo yesterday for a couple of days in Copenhagen, and spent my morning at Skt.Petri catching up with work. Copenhagen has so many good options when it comes to accommodation and this hotel is for sure one of them. Skt.Petri was recently renovated just like Hotel Danmark which I visited earlier this year and new and cool hotels is opening faster than any other place right now it seems. Skt.Petri is centrally located, has beautiful views over the city, comfortable beds and although it doesn’t matter that much.. some really nice designer furniture and lamps from Knoll, Flos, Erik Jørgensen and more. I also want to recommend the P Eatery who is the hotels next door neighbor. Last night I enjoyed a delicious 3 course dinner there created by fellow blogger Allan/Bungalow 5, all dishes based on Sambuca. The menu is available until the end of January.

photos © elisabeth heier

No better start to the day than working from a hotel bed while having the essential coffee and music nearby before heading out in the beautiful streets of Copenhagen. Meetings is on my schedule for the rest of the day, and by the time I return to the hotel the huge tree that was brought inside this morning is probably decorated and ready for Christmas. Can´t wait to se it!



The trend of opening up small boutique hotels, who accommodates just a few persons is seen more and more. Vipp opened up their Vipp Loft last week, a luxury hotel with only one room in the centre of Copenhagen. (A 400m2 open space located on the upper floor of the VIPP offices in a former printing factory in Copenhagen’s Islands Brygge area.) Which is nothing like a hotel at all, but a experience like no one else.

Even more spectacular is The Krane, situated on the waterfront of an old harbour in Nordhavn. The Krane is a private retreat for two with amazing views of Copenhagen harbour, the ocean and beyond. A converted crane for loading coal where black is the red thread throughout the interior. The industrial surroundings of The Krane are in sharp contrast to the elegant interior, making this an upscale urban retreat that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Namely, a former crane transformed into a modern, multi-level refuge, replete with a reception area, meeting room, spa, and top floor with a living space, lounge and terrace.

Can you imagine waking up til this view? If I had the chance, I wouldn’t´t let my fear of heights hold me back. It looks quite amazing. In addition one are surrounded by the sober and understated luxury of furniture, lamps and accessories from Menu. With the bright ocean view the dark colors and materials used in the interior must feel very calming at the same time as it intensifies the views outside. Simply put by Joachim Kornbek Engell-Hansen, Brand & Design Director at Menu «The Krane is a new kind of luxury that you can see and sense in the touch and feel of honest materials. The designs. The craftsmanship. The simplicity.»


The Krane was spearheaded by owner and entrepreneur Klaus Kastbjerg and lead architect and master builder Mads Møller, founder of Arcgency, whose shared vision for The Krane was to retain its history and authenticity as an emblem of Nordhavn. Reincarnated into something contemporary but with soul by Menu and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Design Manager at Menu.

photo © Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen




Friday the new Kollekted By | Frama Studio Store opened just a few blocks from where I live at Schous Plass. The previous store was located just a few meters further down the street but no wonder the owners, Jannike Kråkvik and Alessandro D´Orazio took the opportunity when this premises was available. Four beautiful rooms with large windows facing the corner of Schous Plass, lots of daylight and room for showing the Frama collection and carefully selected items from other brands. I´ve been a regular visitor in the shop for a long time, this is the ultimate place to go by for inspiration, have a chat with the owners, or Jannikes mother who also works there – or one of the young designers that works part time. ..and of course for adding yet another pretty item on to my wish list.

Jannike and Alessandro is known to be one of the best stylist duos in Scandinavia. Their design studio Kråkvik & D´Orazio works within interior styling, design and exhibitions, and develops ideas and concepts for commercial and editorial clients. On their client list you´ll find renown brands as Fogia, Jotun Lady, Nedre Foss, Varier Furniture, Tonning and more – in addition to the editorial work they do for magazines as Bo Bedre, Oak the Nordic Journal, Residence, Nytt Rom and Elle Decoration.

At Kollekted by Jannike and Alessandro sell their favorite furniture, lighting and interior objects from around the world. In addition to Frama Cph you´ll find Fogia, Menu, New Works, Another Country, Hasami, Please Wait to be Seated, Flos, Restart Milano, Artek and more. If you are looking to find unique objects by Norwegian talents this is the place to go. Both Bjørn van den Berg, Guri Sandvik, Esra Røise, Kneip and Apropos Studio is represented at Kollekted by.

photo © elisabeth heier, styling by Kråkvik & D´Orazio

You can find photos from the previous shop in my Grünerløkka Guide here, and from Jannike and Alessandros home here. And even more from the new store at Katerina Dimas blog, Only Deco Love, here.