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photo © elisabeth heier

Remember I wrote about wanting to paint a few more walls in my living room toghether with the built-in shelf in the same color as the rest of the room? Well, finally it´s done. The beautiful greige color is now covering the whole room, the only thing left is of course to put things back into place. Shouldn´t take too much time? It does. It´s so much fun rethinking the room when everything has been moved around, so I´m not quite there yet. As every grey/beige color this one changes a lot depending on the light. Beautiful, isn´t it? I´ll show you more as soon as I get things back into place. 
(The color is Washed Linen from Jotun Lady)




During my last visit to Stockholm I stopped by Perspective Studio, unfortunately to late in the afternoon for me to take my own photos but now that I discovered these I couldn´t resist showing them on the blog. The studio is so inspiring with its mix of vintage and new furniture, handpicked and unique objects. Everything carefully curated in beautiful surroundings. Both walls and the ceiling is painted with chalk paint, and by next time I´m in Stockholm the scene will probably be completely different. Some changes were in the planning I was told.

Perspective Studio had just recieved the new sofa HEM when I visited. The design is done by the owners of the studio, Robin Klang and Ejub Bicic, and like my own Ghost sofa this one has a removable cover. Most of all a beautiful, and very comfortable piece of furniture. I know, because while my travel companion was shopping, I rested my feet there after a long day at the furniture fair. 

The mirror tables (trending all over right now!) is from Perspective Studio and the vintage chairs were designed by Pierre Jeanneret. Small table in steel from Elkeland, mirror sculptures from Elkeland and the painting on the wall made by owner Robin Klang. For more photos take a look at Katerinas blog, she managed to take some photos of her own when we visited. 
Make sure to stop by the next time you´re in Stockholm.

Photos by Robin Klang/Perspective Studio, with thanks



Annonse/In collaboration with Ellos

In collaboration with Ellos I´ve done a spring styling in my office. Now I can´t wait to fill my balcony with green plants and flowers as well, the fresh spring feeling in town inspires to more projects, both indoors and outdoors. In my office I´ve mixed rustic ceramic pots with my modern furniture, soft baskets in seaweed with shiny chrome, and made a personal and fresh styling. 

Sammen med Ellos har jeg gjort en vårstyling på kontoret, og på handlelisten nå står det flere grønne planter både til inne- og uteområder. Det friske pustet av vår i byen og sol som skinner til langt på ettermiddagen inspirerer til nye prosjekter, men først for tur stod kontoret mitt. Jeg har mikset rustikke leirpotter med moderne innredning og rene linjer, kurver i sjøgress med skinnende krom og gjort en personlig og vårlig styling.

The ceramic pots from Ellos is handmade and varies in shape and look. Perfect if you want to bring the garden feeling indoors. I like how the rustic look they have fits so well toghether with modern lines. 

Keramikkpottene fra Ellos er håndlagde og varierer i form og utseende. Perfekt om du ønsker å ta med hagefølelsen inn. Og jeg liker hvordan det rustikke fint lar seg kombinere med det moderne.

My office didn´t need much to get the fresh spring feeling I wanted. The shelf doesn´t have to be filled up so I maintain the airy feeling I like. Extra storage and a space for books, papers and plants. 

Det er ikke mye som skal til for en vårlig oppfriskning, jeg har flyttet litt rundt på møbler og hyllen jeg har stående på kontoret nå var akkurat det jeg trengte for å både få plass til mer oppbevaring. Og siden den ikke må fylles opp med permer og papirer har jeg også et sted å sette planter og legge fra meg papirer mens jeg arbeider. 

The products I´ve used from Ellos in my styling, with links:
Ceramic pot from Ellos Home
Basket in seaweed (comes in a set of two) from Bloomingville
White notebook from BE-Poles

Produktene jeg har brukt fra Ellos i stylingen er:
Keramikkpotte fra Ellos Home
Kurv i sjøgress fra Bloomingville
Hvit notatbok fra BE-Poles

photo © elisabeth heier  




Photo via Livet Hemma / Photographer © Ragnar Ómarsson 

Mirrors in all different shapes is all over these days, and we´ve also seen different furniture made by mirrors. Super hot and also often expensive. This one though, you can make yourself if you´re a bit handy. The Swedish blog Livet Hemma by Ikea has made an inspiring DIY tip on how to make a mirror cube of their Lots mirrors. Thank you for the tip Trendenser, and on the Design and Form blog you can see how you make your own too, step by step. Nice, isn´t it!



The best about going somehow early to bed on a Saturday night is how much longer the last day of the weekend seems to become. Although I have some work waiting today I also have a nice pile of unread magazines, a new plaid and sofa that I don´t often use. A wonderful feeling..
When I shot these photos earlier this weekend it hit me, there is really nothing new here. (Except the beautiful plaid designed by Andreas Engesvik for Fram Oslo.) This is actually exactly the same sofa, lamps, table etc I had in my previous home. Thats fine of course, and shows that you don´t necessarily need to buy a lot of new stuff when you move. One can still make the interior work. The sofa came with me from the house and magically fitted right in to the narrow living room. The table also, although I´m searching for å new and bigger table now, the Hoof Table works well as a side table. 

Do you remember how my old living room looked like? You can see some photos here. Quite different, but with the same furniture. Of course I like this one better, the atmosphere in an old apartment building in the city is unique. The high ceilings, stucco mouldings and the beautiful window sills were on top of my wish list when I started searching for an apartment. My point is, you can really make your interior work anywhere. Some small adjustments often is required, maybe some paint and then your personal styling as the final touch. I repainted the living room when I moved in, from a very cool grey to the warmer 10679 Washed Linen combined with 9918 Klassisk hvit, both Jotun Lady. I left out the wall behind the sofa because of the built-in shelf, but now I´m reconsidering it. It would look really nice with a grey wall, and shelf behind the sofa too don´t you think? 

110317_3 110317_4styling and photography by © elisabeth heier 



080317_1This week I´ve been working from home with a list of to do´s so long I´m far from seeing the end of it. My office space is far from ready, at least not the way I planned it to be when I moved in. But so far, so good. I´m fine with lots of coffee, some nice things to look at, and music on my ears. As I´ve said so many times, to decorate your home takes time. Finding the right objects, deciding on how you want to use the space and doing it in your own personal way. I´m not in a hurry.
..and the sun has been shining all week, so no need to complain! 


When it comes to finding those small personal favorites I love treasure hunting when I travel. The small, yellow notebook I bought with me from Artilleriet when I visited Gothenburg. In Stockholm I found the beautiful ceramic cup, from Japanese Kinto. Now I need to organize my work space a little more, to make my work more efficient. Some nice file holders is on my list, so that I wont have to move those piles of papers around all the time. I would love to have them in metal but the only ones I´ve seen so far is made of cardboard or wood, any tips? Please let me know. 


I better get on with that list then, hope you all are having a wonderful week! 


photography by © elisabeth heier