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Since I´m on the move the beautiful apartment I have been renting the for the last nine months is now up for sale. Last week my talented friend and colleague Katerina Dima shot these photos of it for the sales ad. Working with Katerina is always a pleasure and she really did magic for the apartment with her camera. Although I love the fact that I now have my very own apartment, I have enjoyed it so much living here. Lucky those who will end up buying it.

Since the apartment was newly renovated when I moved in I only repainted some of the walls and brought with me my furniture. The high ceilings, beautiful windows and floors and the original stucco – it makes a unique atmosphere. Exactly what I wished for.

And the balcony. I´ve been out here as soon as the sun has been shining all spring and summer!

I don´t think I have ever showed my childrens room either here on the blog or on Instagram, although it´s not very big it is so cosy. And their comment after I cleaned up all their toys and stuff lying around for the photos? We´re never making a mess again mom, this is so nice! You can imagine how long it lasted.. The difference between a real home and a styled one is huge, at least for my home. But it can look so nice when all the clutter is moved back to where it belongs.

photography © Katerina Dima/Only Deco Love / Styling by Elisabeth Heier

A warm thanks to Houz and Kollekted By for lending me props for the styling.

The sales ad for Thorvald Meyersgate 62c can be viewed here.  




I have had some unique art- and design objects on my wish list for a while, and although the ones one my shelf only is borrowed for the styling I did last week it gave me a good opportunity to get to know the artists better – and try out how the objects look like in my interior.

First up, the print by Apropos Studio from their Fragments series. The photo is from the Church of the Light by Tadao Ando in Osaka, Japan. I have had a crush on their prints for a long time and I especially love this one. Apropos Studio is an experimental platform for art projects formed by photographer Marian Strand and architect Elisabeth Gellein. The photos comes in series of ten, numbered and signed. Marian is based in Stavanger and Elisabeth in Copenhagen and in addition to their photo prints they also do different publications and set design. Two talented woman we need to keep an eye on.

The candle holder is from Oslo based Kneip. A craft, design and art studio founded by Jørgen Platou Willumsen and Stian Korntved Ruud. Together they share different experiences and knowledge that they use to make Kneip a diverse studio. Nature and craftsmanship are important sources of inspiration. This candle holder is called Geometri, and is basically a stack of silver soldered geometric steel profiles. I think it´s genius. Handmade by Kneip in their studio here in Oslo.

The beautiful sculpture of the head is made by artist Siren Blaauw. An artist working both with sculptures, paintings and drawings. Some of her unique art pieces can be bought at Houz here in Oslo, and I have to hurry back with this beauty – it´s already sold! For now, the renovations of my new apartment is on top of my priorities, but some nice art pieces will be on my list once done and my budget allows for it.

photography © elisabeth heier


Thank you Kollekted by and Houz for kindly borrowing me everything.


Since I´m on the move, the beautiful apartment I have been renting is soon for sale – and the last couple of days I have been all caught up wit all the to do´s that comes with that. And finishing touch, the styling. Katerina (OnlyDecoLove) has done the photography and after what I have seen so far it looks amazing. The last time I was moving I did both styling and photography myself and to be honest – it´s just to much work. There is a reason why there should be both a photographer and a stylist, and this time I had a very talented one on my team. I look so much forward to showing you the result.

Until Katerinas photos are ready I´ll show you some details from my bedroom. I love this room so much, with original details from the late 18-th century, so light and airy – and with the green tree right outside my window. It´s very unique to wake up in the morning and hearing the birds right outside when you live in the middle of the city, but my building is inside the inner yard with nice and calm surroundings. Lucky person to be waking up here in the future.

photography © Elisabeth Heier




This week is the first week that I´m finally back to the office after summer vacation. Not that I haven´t been working already for a long time, its just been so much going on with travels, press events and fairs that I barely have been sitting down at my own office table lately. And a clean up was very much needed. Piles of papers, catalogues and magazines tend to grow very fast.. To have the best start of my office day this morning I sorted, archived and threw away everything I didn’t need. A tidy office simply makes my work day better!

I can´t resist pretty notebooks, and my latest buys are from top a small white one from Merci in Paris, a pink one from & other Stories, and the monthly planner is from Kartotek Copenhagen. (The nice beige one with the black print is a catalogue from Mutina.) The small white ceramic jar is a salt container designed by NOIDOI for Skagerak, right now I use it for paper clips.

photography © elisabeth heier

Happy workweek!



It´s been some crazy, busy weeks lately. I´m not complaining over travels, events or going to fairs – it is part of my job, a job which I love very much. But at the same time, who can keep up with that marathon for weeks? I can´t. At least I need some rest in between. And this weekend I´ve just been hanging out with my kids and finally spent some hours on my sofa (The new one I got a few weeks ago. About time to try it!) I´m not even joking when I tell you I spend less time in my living room than any other place in my apartment. And the fact that I do gives my some ideas for my new apartment. I can´t wait to start working on it.

I got a lot of questions about my new sofa after posting a photo on Instagram a few weeks ago. Many of you recognized the Söderhamn series from Ikea, and this model is the sofa-bed. Unfortunately I don´t think they sell the sofa-bed any longer, but the three seater is pretty much the same. Cover from Bemz.

photography © elisabeth heier


Enjoy your Sunday!



I´m already planning the kitchen renovations in my new apartment and since I was in Copenhagen Friday I quickly stopped by the Reform showroom to take a look at their kitchens. I have seen the kitchens on photos but it is something very different to be able to see it in reality. I like their concept a lot and ever since they launched the design by Norm Architect in smoked oak it has been on my kitchen wish list. (Photos below) Reforms concept is simple, by collaborating with the best Danish and internationally acclaimed architects they want to reform our kitchens, and our everyday lives with great design. With the basic ingredient, elements from the IKEA kitchen you add Reforms architect-designed fronts and countertops to create an aesthetic and a personal style that combines quality construction, function and timeless design.

I have had Ikea kitchens several times before and I know the quality is good for it´s affordable price. With an upgrade with fronts from Reform I will have a beautiful kitchen for many years to come. The fronts designed by Norm Architects are available in sawn smoked oak veneer and regular smoked oak veneer. You can see more photos of the kitchen in posts on my blog here and here. Of course there are other options as well, both Superfront, Ask og Eng, &Shufl and more offers fronts for Ikea kitchens. All I have to do is decide, and you know how hard that can be..

Reform also has other kitchen designs. This one is called Basis and the Basis design comes in two versions.  These are Reform’s in-house models, where it all began. Both models are characterised by the classic carpenter milled-in handle in oak or smoked oak, a detail that gives the design an elegant contrast between the clean surface and the warm texture from the natural wood.

In Chris L. Halstrøm’s kitchen design the handle is not just a minor detail, but also an essential part of the entire front. It has become a part of the frame on the cabinet door and represents an interpretation of facades and window shading in classic Japanese architecture. The handle has become a part of the entire door, a frame for the door itself. In addition to the combination in grey/ash shown here the design is also available in beige and black.

Sideboards designed by Afteroom is also a part of Reforms collection. With it´s straight and elegant lines it can easily be integrated into any room and simply matched with other furniture for a look that is clean and uncluttered. Pretty isn´t it?

Photography © Elisabeth Heier