1. Anima Statuario Nat tiles, Cæsar. 2. Mass Light, Norm Architects/&tradition. 3. Adam Stool, Frama Cph. 5. Faucet Tara, Dornbracht. 6. Color and material inspiration, styling Lotta Agaton, photo Kristofer Johnsson.

Still working on the design of my apartment, which right now looks more like a construction site than the home I´m supposed to move into in the end of December. ..and to call it a early draft on the bathroom. Well, yesterday I ordered the marble tiles above, I know I will have a floor probably in a grey Pastellone, and the faucet in matt black from Dornbract is decided. Also, I have the beautiful Mass Light pendants from my previous home, and I think at least one of those will look beautiful hanging besides the mirror. The rest.. I wish I had a fem more weeks on planning this, but time is running so fast right now. But I´m not worried it won’t be a beautiful and functional bathroom. Do love the color and material moodboard made by Lotta Agaton down right, some details in nature materials and beige like this, and the Adam stool with a leather seat will bring warmth to a grey- and white bathroom. Also a great tip for adding exactly that if your bathroom feels a bit cold, wood, leather and soft towels in beige will give so much more warmth and personality.





I´m gathering inspiration for the bathroom in my new apartment, and its probably no surprise I’m leaning towards a minimal expression. The bathroom above is from my sisters home which I photographed earlier this year. You can see more here, and I really love the mix of black floor tiles, beige tiles on the wall and the white sink and bath tub with black faucets. The white and black makes the expression clean and the modern bathroom will never feel outdated.

This bathroom is designed by Wellard Architects in Australia. A bit similar to the first one, but with the wooden detail that brings a natural warmth to it. Also, so nice with the window facing the garden from the shower.

The bathroom in the stylists Jannike Kråkvik and Allesandro D´Orazios apartment in Oslo is also very inspiring. Designed by Allesandro himself, with custom made solutions for the small room. A great example on how to use the space cleverly on a few square meters with tricky corners. The faucets from Dornbracht makes beautiful details. (Seems like I have a thing for matt, black faucets – right?!)

The bathroom in the home of Norm Architects founder Jonas Bjerre Poulsen is all in grey and black. One might think that an all grey bathroom would turn out boring but this is an example that proves that it doesn’t have to. Well chosen materials with a beautiful marble sink, faucets in brass and walls that looks like concrete. See more from this bathroom here. Similar walls can be achieved with an old Marrocan technique called tadelakt, I wrote a blogpost about it last year here.

The Swedish stylist Annaleena Leino chose the same tiles both for the walls and the floor in her new bathroom. Again, the white bath tub is the perfect detail when the tiles has a warm hue. She explains herself that finding the right pattern for the tiles was a puzzle but when the result comes out looking like this its worth it. I couldn’t´t agree more.

The bathroom below is designed by the design and construction firm Canny in Melbourne. The square floor tiles also covers the walls in the shower. A clever detail that adds a nice depth to the room. See more here. 

Photos by 1.Elisabeth Heier, 2.Derek Swalwell, 3. Kråkvik & D´Orazio, 4. Jonas Bjerre Poulsen, 5. Kristofer Johnsson, 6. Canny.




My sister and her familys moved in to their new house a week ago, and although I said goodbye with tears in my eyes after yet again being next door neighbours in Oslo the last seven months I really can´t blame them for moving from a small apartment to a new and very beautiful house they´ve got built for their family. When I visited yesterday I made sure to take some photos for the blog, I know a lot of you were curious about the bathroom after I posted some photos on my Instagram. They have really done great work with the design, and I have been lucky to be a part of the design process as well.

The bathroom is quite big so to avoid a huge (and empty) area in the middle it was separated with a wall in the middle. Behind the wall you´ll find both a bathtub and a double shower. In front a double basin and storage hidden in the wall. The materials and colors, a mix of black marble, tiles in warm grey, white painted walls toghether with the black faucets makes the bathroom look very modern and minimalistic but at the same time I don´t think they will get tired of this any time soon. So very much a dream bathroom.

Product details
The sink is custom made from Kuma in a very resistible material called Rector, the black faucets is from Vola, lamps from Astro Light, bathtub from Westerberg, black marble looking floor tiles from Cæsar (Anima Graphite) and warm grey wall tiles from Mirage Re plain 10 nat). The white walls is painted in NCS S0500-N. Stool from &tradition and towel from Houz.

photography © elisabeth heier



I absolutely love the new images from Danish Menu showing their bathroom accessories. Some is new, some has been part of their collection for a while. I showed you some of the news already in early January and now most of them finally is available in stores. My favorite is the Hoover Bowl (below) made of honed brown marble. Such a beautiful and light expression on a heavy object. Also I love how the bowl can easily be used all over your home, for soaps or your favorite jewellery in the bathroom. For keys in the hallway or as a candleholder. On your kitchen counter, or as a center piece on the dining table. I would probably move it around a lot and admire its beauty. Designed for Menu by Norm Architects.

The Darkly Mirror (above) is another favorite from Menus new SS17 collection. Available both in brushed aluminium and brass. Nick Ross, who designed the mirror for MENU took inspiration from ceramic bowls, and how humans might have started seeing themselves, in reflections from water in a ceramic bowl.

The photos from the beautiful grey bathroom is taken in the home of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from Norm Architects, the room is the perfect backdrop for Menus products don´t you think? Of course the aesthetics are similar since Norm Architects has designed a lot of products from Menu. And no wonder the similarity between the marble sink and Menus Plinth table is striking, I wish they actually had it in their collection too..

The simplicity in this bathroom really shows how few products you need to decorate with. A simple vase (Stem vase/Menu, below) with a blooming branch, a beautiful bowl in marble for your soap, soft towels.. The room is already perfectly designed and looks great with only a few accessories added.

Photo Jonas Bjerre Poulsen/ Styling by Menu 




I´m a huge fan of the work of Norm Architects and at the Trends & Tradition fair in Copenhagen last week I attended a speach by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, on of the founders of Norm. It was very inspiring to hear the ideas behind some of their projects and getting a deeper understanding of how they work. No wonder their work was acknowledged by the Elle Decoration Design Awards in Milan during Salon del Mobile where Norm Architects won the award for best design in the bathroom category with their Frame modular system that was designed for the Italian brand ex.t.

Inspired by the many raw DIY solutions for bathroom consoles found in some urban contemporary boutique hotels, Norm Architects designed their own precise and minimalist version of a naked and structural exposed bathroom console system.
«We have always adored the cool and unpretentious bathroom consoles that are often made of standard brass pipes and fittings just topped with a slab of marble and a metal basin. It gives a light and airy atmosphere to the bathroom, that is often dominated by heavy and somewhat clumsy cabinets», Norm Architects.

Frame is a versatile modular system of bathroom consoles and furniture that features a clean and minimalist design, making it a delicate graphic piece with a Nordic allure. Consisting of thin, sharp black graphic frames, it is a flexible and modular system that can be modified in various ways depending on both your functional and aesthetic needs. Made of refined natural materials such as steel, stone and wood, the ultimate goal of the Frame system was to make a versatile and customisable piece of furniture that would accommodate any modern living space without drawing too much attention.





collage by Elisabeth Heier

I´ve picked some of my favorites from Ellos Home to inspire you on how to update your bathroom this spring. Even on a budget you can have a nice, luxurious feeling in the bathroom, and are you like me you might long for summer and white beaches. Here we go;

1. Linen kimono, for the long slow mornings.
2. Towels from Gant Home in a beautiful light sand color.
3. Baskets from Bloomingville, functional and decorative.
4. For the floor, mat from Himla.
5. Towels from Gant Home, dark grey.
6. Decorative coral.
7. Hand soap from Savon de Marseilles

Med våren kommer lysten på fornyelse og er det badet som står på din liste trenger man heldigvis ikke tømme lommeboken for å freshe opp uttrykket. Jeg har plukket ut noen fine favoritter fra Ellos Home som er godt innenfor en budsjettvennlig fornyelse, men som alikevel gir den deilige følelsen av luksus i hvertfall jeg ønsker meg på badet. Velduftende produkter, myke håndkler, kurver og koraller som minner om glitrende sjø og hvite strender..

1. Kimono i lin, perfekt for lange døsige morgener på badet. 
2. Håndkler fra Gant Home, de mykeste håndklene i 100% bomullsfrotte i en superfin lys sandfarge. 
3. Kurver i bast fra Bloomingville, supre til oppbevaring og er i tillegg dekorative på badet. Kommer i sett av to stk. 
4. Baderomsmatte fra Himla. 
5. Håndkler fra Gant Home, fine i mørk grått i kombinasjon med de sandfargede. 
6. Korall i kunstmateriale
7. Velduftende såpe fra Savon de Marseilles snill mot huden og med kun vegetabilske ingredienser.