H&M Home recently launched a collection of premium quality products for the bedroom and not only do the textiles look super nice, the photos are very inspiring too. Soft, elegant and feminine – and with nice wooden details both in the room divider from Dry Studios and the herringbone floors. The Relaxed Elegance Collection is as always from H&M budget friendly, and sheets at an affordable price means you might have more left for the rest of the interior, right?!

The star team behind the photos are stylist Tina Hellberg, photographer Pia Ulin and art director Therese Sennerholt. For the whole collection take a look here.

Styling by Tina Hellberg, photography by Pia Ulin, art direction by Therese Sennerholt, via H&M Home.

First seen at A Merry Mishap blog.



Since I´m on the move, the beautiful apartment I have been renting is soon for sale – and the last couple of days I have been all caught up wit all the to do´s that comes with that. And finishing touch, the styling. Katerina (OnlyDecoLove) has done the photography and after what I have seen so far it looks amazing. The last time I was moving I did both styling and photography myself and to be honest – it´s just to much work. There is a reason why there should be both a photographer and a stylist, and this time I had a very talented one on my team. I look so much forward to showing you the result.

Until Katerinas photos are ready I´ll show you some details from my bedroom. I love this room so much, with original details from the late 18-th century, so light and airy – and with the green tree right outside my window. It´s very unique to wake up in the morning and hearing the birds right outside when you live in the middle of the city, but my building is inside the inner yard with nice and calm surroundings. Lucky person to be waking up here in the future.

photography © Elisabeth Heier




Ad/In collaboration with Ellos
In order to make some easy and quick changes for summer I´ve been moving things around again.. It is really not much I have done, but I wanted my bedroom to feel brighter with an airy feeling. So, first of all, new sheets. Linen sheets in light grey and beige. White sheets is really beautiful for summer, but a tiny bit of color is nice when the bedroom is all white. And my crush on the mix of beige and grey doesn’t seem to go away any time soon.

Also, I replaced the black marble table I have been using as a beside table with the Hoof table in oak. Having several small tables around my home makes it really easy to move them around and achieve a new expression whenever I feel like. Livingroom or bedroom, suits both. Paper lamps also makes the feeling airy, and for a more casual feeling one of my favorite art prints I placed on the floor, leaning against the wall.

I have gathered some of my favorite items and essentials on a new brass tray brought home from Copenhagen, both decorative and functional. Lets face it, at least I have at all times things laying around. And gathering them on a tray makes it look a little less messy.

Linen in layers is really beautiful, and toghether with my new sheets I also got a throw in the same beige color as some of the pillowcases which I combined with bedlinen in light grey. The throw makes a nice bedspread and on chilly summer nights it´s my number one choice to bring with my to the balcony. (Can also be seen here.)

Ellos´textile collection is both affordable and of good quality, and the ones in linen only get softer the more they are used.
Linen feels cool and pleasant, and is very moisture absorbent. Perfect for summer.

The products from Ellos can be found with links below, and right now both bedlinens, sheets and pillowcases has a nice discount, between 20% – 30% off until June
Ellos Home bedlinen, light grey 
Ellos Home pillowcase, beige 
Himla throw, beige linen 
Ellos Home sheets, cotton white

photo © elisabeth heier











The calendar finally says May, and hopefully we don´t need those warm woollen sweathers any more. Ok, maybe only on a late spring night when you still want to sit outside.. Regardless, I spent some time yesterday cleaning out my wardrobe and put away wool and warm jackets until I need them again. The good thing now is that it doesn´t really take me that long doing it. I did a really big wardrobe detox when I moved earlier this year and gave away probably half of my closet. It says a lot, and I think the same goes for a lot of us. As long as we have room we are filling up the wardrobe with so many unnecessary clothes, barely worn or not at all. And it really feels so revealing to get rid of the things you don´t use and rather buy less but better. And better don´t have to be expensive, but smarter.. as in fits well with the rest of your wardrobe and your use. So my tips to detox your closet:

1. Declutter. Get rid of any item that haven´t been worn the last year. There are a few exceptions, but if it doesnt make you feel good wearing it it´s no point to hold on. Of course it also have to fit and be in a good condition.

2. Get organized. I keep all my most worn items on the wardrobe stand from Ikea above and in the Malm dresser underneath. For my dresses I use some space in my childrens wardrobe, and I am putting away stuff by season. I love hanging all my clothes, but jeans and t-shirts goes in the dresser. It looks good sorted by color and if you also sort by type is´s so much easier to put togheteher an outfit.

3. Plan. Once you have decluttered and organized it´s easy to see the gaps in your wardrobe and plan for your next buy. And again, buy less but better. Of course I don´t always do that, but some of my favorite items has been in my closet for years.. So it´s really worth it. Over consumption is not what we want.

4. Reuse. Boxes are great for storage. Keep the nice looking shoe boxes and put away whatever doesn´t need to be available at all times. Smaller boxes can be used for accessories, and are also great for dividing the space in your drawers so your underwear stays organized too.
(If you want to have another tip for reusing small boxes to organize your cabinets, take a look at what I did here.) 

5. Maintaining. Once you have organized your closet it´s fun to maintain it. But I also know how easy it is to skip the good habits, so make it a routine to clean up every once in a while. Some nice things on display on top of the dresser makes it impossible to do the huge piles of clothes that I usually do in lack of time. So from now on, my newly washed clothes are put directly into place.

photo © elisabeth heier




Med vårfølelse i luften og flommende sol inn gjennom vinduene var det på høy tid å få de siste pappeskene ut av soverommet, rydde opp og gjøre noen små oppdateringer. Siden jeg leier leiligheten jeg bor i begrenser det seg hvor store grep jeg kan gjøre, men utgangspunktet er fint med gamle tregulv, store vinduer og vakker stukkatur. Og den enkleste måten å oppdatere soverommet på er med nytt sengetøy. Akkurat nå får du *20% på alle sengetekstiler hos Ellos og min favoritt er sengetøyet Leah i vasket sateng. Silkemykt mot huden og i den fineste kvalitetsbomull. Fargemiksen? Vakkert grått mikset med puter i en varm gul farge. 

*Tilbudet gjelder på sengetekstiler merket med kampanjepris t.o.m. 05.03.17. Kan ikke kombineres med andre rabatter og tilbud.

My bedroom hasn´t really been on top of my priorities since I moved into my new apartment, but with spring in the air and the sunlight flowing through the windows it was about time to do something about it. Since I´m renting the place its not really much I can do, but the room is nice with big windows and beautiful stucco. And after all, new sheets is the easiest way to update the room. Right now Ellos is offering 20% off all bedlinens, and I´ve already picked my favorite combination. Supersoft, premium quality sateen in a beautiful grey color mixed with pillows in warm yellow. Everything from the Leah bedlinen range.

Leah sengetøy i vasket sateng er en del av Ellos sitt Concious Choise-sortiment. Ellos samarbeider med Better Cotton Initiative for å forbedre bomullsdyrkingen globalt. Enkelt fortalt, dette sikrer mer bærekraftig bomullsdyrking med mer effektiv bruk av vann, mindre bruk av plantevernmidler, og forbedrede sosiale, økonomiske og miljømessige vilkår for bomullsbøndene.

Leah bedlinen is part of Ellos´ Conscious Choice range. Ellos cooperate with the Better Cotton Initiative to improve cotton production globally. This secures a more sustainable cotton cultivation with more efficient use of water, less use of pesticides and improved social, economical and environmental conditions for cotton farmers. 



photo © elisabeth heier




De fleste av oss ser nok frem til avslappende fridager i forbindelse med julen, og drømmen må jo være å kunne tilbringe noen lange morgener i sengen. I samarbeid med Høie har jeg plukket ut noen favoritter til en julemorgenen, så gjelder det jo bare å sette av tid til å slumre litt ekstra i høytiden da… Jeg skal i hvertfall gjøre det, for dette må være noe av det mykeste en kan bruke morgentimene i.


Det skal ikke så mye til for å lage julestemning på soverommet. En enkel krans på veggen dekorert med grønt, crisp hvit lin på sengen og noen pent innpakkede gaver står fremme hos meg. Jeg bruker julegaver som dekor så snart de har fått papir på, de er jo alt for fine til å settes bort før de skal åpnes opp julaften. ..eller stille og rolig på julemorgen om man klarer å vente. Sengetøy i lin er en favoritt, svalt på sommeren og lunt og godt på vinteren. Uttrykket er avslappet og fint, lin kan jo faktisk være litt krøllete. Lea Hvit linsengetøy er stenvasket for ekstra mykhet, og det er ikke uten grunn at lin har vært brukt i tekstiler i flere tusen år. Slitestyrken er helt ekspesjonell. Lin er også fuktabsorberende, noe som gjør det et velegnet tekstil i sengetøy. Det hvite linsengetøyet har jeg kombinert med putetrekk i lys grått. Ane putetrekk er i en nydelig lin/bomullsblanding og fås i tillegg til single putevar som sengesett, hotellpute (70x100cm) og som en ekstra lang pute (multipute 50 x 150 cm). Det er også stenvasket for ekstra mykhet som de andre linkvalitetene. Et varmende ullpledd hører også med og min høstfavoritt har vært Stryn som er et vevd pledd i 80% lammeull og 20% polyamid med fin vaffelstruktur.

Benytter du deg av rabattkoden Elisabeth får du 10% i Høies nettbutikk. Tilbudet varer frem til 18. desember!



foto © elisabeth heier



// In collaboration with Høie of Scandinavia I´ve done a bedroom styling for the calm Christmas mornings. With bedlinen in the softest linen, Lea white, mixed with extra pillowcases in light grey – Ane, and a soft wool blanket, Stryn light grey. Høie´s linen feels cool and pleasent, and linen as a textile is very moisture absorbent. The design is relaxed and natural, exactly the way I like it in my bedroom. The quality is stonewashed for extra softness. To add a christmassy feeling in the bedroom I´ve decorated a wreath in brass with some green twigs. Can´t get enough of wreaths, they are beautiful in every room of the house at Christmas, and can be done in any style you like. I also use some presents for decoration. When they are wrapped they are too nice to be left in a closet until Christmas Eve. //