My latest addition to the living room is a beautiful marble table from the Finnish brand Adea. After months of searching for a new table that also would fit my next home I found what I think is the perfect match. I know I will be on the move again very soon, after all I am renting this place, and it is supposed to be short term.
The table is simple in its form but with details that makes it stand out. Also with room for lots of magazines, books and some flowers. Thats all you need isn´t it? The Plateau table range from Adea is available in different sizes and a variety of materials and different kinds of marble. The Plateau Table is designed by Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle.

Besides tables, Adea is known for their high quality sofas. Their sofa, Mr. Jones designed by Alexander Lervik won the Swedish Elle Decorations award 2017 in the category Furniture of the Year. Their designs also includes a wide range of armchairs and shelves.

photography © elisabeth heier






Ad/In collaboration with Bang & Olufsen 
Can you spot the new tv in my living room? When I was asked to try out the BeoVision Horizon from Bang & Olufsen of course I said yes. The design is really nice, and the flexibility of a tv with a wheel stand fits my lifestyle perfect. I don´t have a suited wall to hang a tv on, and to be honest I don´t spend much time watching tv either. ..but I must admit, the good habit is about to change after this one moved in.

The BeoVision Horizon was designed by Torsten Valeur, and I love the minimalistic design. The classical Bang & Olufsen TV has no unnecessary details, only the essentials. This makes it blend in and suit any interior, or stand out in your home if that is your wish. Either hang it on the wall, place it on a wall stand or use it with an easel stand that gives it an very casual look. Or with the weel stand that I´ve got. Very versatile and I also love how it reminds me of how the TV´s looked like when I grew up. Though they were huge and far from as good looking as this one. When the tv is not in use I easily roll it back into place against the wall, and you can´t even see it when you look into the living room. Perfect, or what?

I am not going to go further into explaining the technical qualities of the BeoVision Horizon, but I can assure you both the sound and the picture quality is amazing. The picture automatically adjusts to the content and light conditions, and it got intergrated access to all your enetrtainment through the Android TV™ platform. I have always had the impression that Bang & Olufsen represents exceptional quality and design, but this is even better. Did I tell you I love it?

photo © elisabeth heier




Newly painted and bathing in sunlight I love how my living room turned out after the small makeover last week. Which only meant paiting the rest of the walls grey too, including the shelf behind the sofa. For now, the last thing on my list is a new and bigger lounge table. The Hoof table will be fine as a side table, there is space enough for a large table as well.

For spring I´ve replaced the grey details in my living room with some beautiful, dusty beiges and caramel tones. I´m so in love with this combination of colors and materials right now. Chrome, soft velvet, beige, grey and different shades of brown. Perfect for spring when you want a little bit of color, and as I see it, supernice to the warm grey walls.

I love how the wall color is changing in different lights during the day and how much more elegant the expression is with the grey/beige than the white. Nothing wrong with white, I´m keeping some of my white walls. For me it´s not about trends when it comes to interior and decorating. It´s about my personal style, my expression and what I love to surround myself with. And it´s
a far better chance you will be happy with your choices in the future if you follow your own taste and style.

I´ve been asked about the shelf and how it was built, and I can understand why, it´s really nice. Since the shelf was already here when I moved into the apartment I dont know exactly how it was done but I do know there used to be a door right there, so she shelf is built into the old door opening. There are some really thick walls in these old apartments! I´ve done similar shelfs myself on projects earlier and I´ve used both Billy shelves from Ikea and had shelves customized by carpenter to be built into the wall.
I guess the easiest and most budget friendly option is the Ikea one, but you also have some limitations when it comes to measures then. Anyway, the shelf has to be mounted before its placed into the opening in the wall, properly secured in the walls and then you can do the finishing touches with putty and paint. My shelf is painted with the same paint as I´ve used for the walls, Lady Pure Color/Washed Linen, but its recommended to use a paint especially for the purpose when you paint shelfes like this.

photo © elisabeth heier





photo © elisabeth heier

Remember I wrote about wanting to paint a few more walls in my living room toghether with the built-in shelf in the same color as the rest of the room? Well, finally it´s done. The beautiful greige color is now covering the whole room, the only thing left is of course to put things back into place. Shouldn´t take too much time? It does. It´s so much fun rethinking the room when everything has been moved around, so I´m not quite there yet. As every grey/beige color this one changes a lot depending on the light. Beautiful, isn´t it? I´ll show you more as soon as I get things back into place. 
(The color is Washed Linen from Jotun Lady)




The best about going somehow early to bed on a Saturday night is how much longer the last day of the weekend seems to become. Although I have some work waiting today I also have a nice pile of unread magazines, a new plaid and sofa that I don´t often use. A wonderful feeling..
When I shot these photos earlier this weekend it hit me, there is really nothing new here. (Except the beautiful plaid designed by Andreas Engesvik for Fram Oslo.) This is actually exactly the same sofa, lamps, table etc I had in my previous home. Thats fine of course, and shows that you don´t necessarily need to buy a lot of new stuff when you move. One can still make the interior work. The sofa came with me from the house and magically fitted right in to the narrow living room. The table also, although I´m searching for å new and bigger table now, the Hoof Table works well as a side table. 

Do you remember how my old living room looked like? You can see some photos here. Quite different, but with the same furniture. Of course I like this one better, the atmosphere in an old apartment building in the city is unique. The high ceilings, stucco mouldings and the beautiful window sills were on top of my wish list when I started searching for an apartment. My point is, you can really make your interior work anywhere. Some small adjustments often is required, maybe some paint and then your personal styling as the final touch. I repainted the living room when I moved in, from a very cool grey to the warmer 10679 Washed Linen combined with 9918 Klassisk hvit, both Jotun Lady. I left out the wall behind the sofa because of the built-in shelf, but now I´m reconsidering it. It would look really nice with a grey wall, and shelf behind the sofa too don´t you think? 

110317_3 110317_4styling and photography by © elisabeth heier 




Å skape et hjem tar tid, og selv så utålmodig jeg er (aller helst hadde dette vært ferdig i går..) så liker jeg prosessen. Gjøres alt i hui og hast vil det sjelden være rom for personlighet i innredningen. Det vil i hvertfall ikke være tid til å lete og finne de små skattene som utgjør hele forskjellen. Gjøre noen kupp på møbler du ellers ikke ville hatt mulighet til å gå til innkjøp av, bruke tid på å finne den perfekte lampen – og for de fleste av oss, spare opp til det som står øverst på ønskelisten.

Creating a home takes time. I enjoy the process, although my impatience makes me want it all finished yesterday. But rushing it leaves no place for personality. At least you wont have time to search and find those small treasures, deciding on which lamp that fits your style the best – or doing some good bargains on furniture that you elsewhere wouldn´t be able to buy. And for the most of us, save up what it takes to afford whats on top of the wish list.


Gubis Semi pendel har stått på min ønskeliste en stund, og når In Between bordet fra &tradition kom i hus måtte lampen bestilles i krom. Kontrasten mellom det varme treet og det kjølige uttrykket på lampen i krom er så fin. Gardiner er på plass og stolene, uansett hvor mange ganger man har sett de, de er fortsatt like komfortable å sitte i. Skapet i bakgrunnen kjenner dere kanskje igjen fra tidligere? Det var opprinnelig høyere men Ikea-skap kan alltid tilpasses. Den øverste rekken med skap ble fjernet og vips passer det inn her og. (Ikea Metod skap med fronter fra Superfront, beskrivelse her.)

For my dining area the Gubi Semi Pendant was on the top of the list. To my beautiful In Between table in smoked oak (&tradition) a version of the Semi Pendant in chrome was the best fit in my opinion. Soft and warm wood in contrast to the elegant lamp in chrome. Curtains are up, and the chairs – I know, they are seen so many times that we´re are all bored, but still so comfortable and nice. The cabinet is the same as I had in the house but I removed one row on top to make it fit better in my new dining area. (See details here
cabinets from Ikea and fronts from Superfront.)


Semi pendelen ble designet i 1968 av Claus Bonderup og Torsten Thorup, begge arkitektstudenter den gang. Lampen var en reaksjon på «det koselige» som dominerte innen design i Danmark på tidspunktet. Lampen skulle ha rene linjer, geometrisk form og et skarpt og moderne uttrykk og gikk også til topps i en konkurranse ved Danmarks Designskole. Jeg liker det elegante og rene uttrykket på lampen som på 80-tallet ble superpopulær og i dag er et ikon innen dansk design.

The Semi lamp was designed in 1968 as a product of the creative partnership between two architecture students, Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup. Reacting against the ‘cosy era’ that was dominating Denmark at the time, Bonderup and Thorup wanted to create a lamp that incorporated sharp, clean lines and a geometric shape. Their design was submitted for a competition at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture and won first prize. I love the elegant and sharp expression of the lamp that achieved great success in the 1980´s and which today has iconic status.


photo © elisabeth heier

Jeg tror på personlighet i interiøret. Miksen av det du har hatt med deg en stund, objektene du ikke kan kvitte deg med – uavhengig av trender. Designklassikere som aldri vil gå av moten, ekte materialer, kvalitet og aller viktigst – å lete, finne og velge det hjertet banker ekstra hardt for.

I belive in personality in the interior. The mix of old and new, objects you never can let go regardless of trends. Design classics which always will be modern, authentic materials, good quality and most important – to search, find and to choose by you heart.