The headline says everything. I’m completely in love with my new home, and during the holidays I finally moved in. After months of renovating (I must have bored you talking about this without really showing a lot..) but there wasn’t much worth showing until the last week before Christmas when everything was wrapped up. Before the double doors were installed it looked like this, almost the exact same view as above, completely transformed. The photo was posted a month ago and taken into consideration its been Christmas in between as well it do happen a lot in three weeks. I will share more about the renovation process with you later, what I have done and some tips if you’re planning something similar. Right now I’m settling in, feeling very much at home and trying to catch up with everything after traveling and the holidays. Happy New Year to all of you, and thank you for following along. đź–¤

photo © Elisabeth Heier





Ad, in collaboration with Erik Jørgensen
I started opening gifts early and the new EJ 64-G table from Erik Jørgensen was ordered for my new apartment. When it arrived I couldn’t resist opening it and it looks quite good where it is right now too don’t you think? The EJ 63-66 table series is a classic, and the new edition with Denver Grey marble I’m sure will be too. The modern and updated size fits my lifestyle much better than the bigger lounge tables. The one I got measures 100×35 cm, which is perfect for a small lounge table and also for a side table. I’m planning on using it as both, love being able to use furniture for more than one purpose. I think it will look amazing against the wall with magazines and room for stills as well as in front of my sofa.

Erik Jørgensen was a trained upholsterer who founded a small worksop in the Danish town of Svendborg in 1954. His expertise was in high demand from the local community. Later on he developed a small sofa collection where craftmanship, quality and aesthetics was his top priority. During the 1980s Erik Jørgensen entered the contract market and had already started collaborating with known designers in the 1960s. Today we know this second-generation family owned company as a company with passion for design and quality craftsmanship who strive to create furniture that lasts. Design icons like the Corona Chair, the Delphi Sofa and the Ox Chair is all made by Erik Jørgensen. They continue to do design partnerships with innovative designers and one of the latest is the Hector sofa, designed by Norwegian Anderssen & Voll. You can see some of theme here, from my visit to the newly opened Erik Jørgensen showroom back in June.

The EJ 63-66 table series was designed in 1999 by Foersom Hiort-Lorenzen, typical for its time with shiny steel legs and tabletop in matt marble. The new versions is available in different kinds of marble and black granite, the legs is also available in matt black lacquer in addition to the classic stainless steel leg frame. The tabletop seems to be floating on top of the legs and makes an illusion of a lighter table that I find really beautiful. Four different sizes and five different materials makes it easy to find a favorite from the collection, and I cant wait to include this table in the interior in my new apartment.

photo © elisabeth heier




Ad – In collaboration with Bemz
I´ve teamed up with Bemz and updated my living room with their new Malmen Velvet covers on my Ikea Söderhamn sofa. Bemz recently launched a range of velvet covers in a muted Scandinavian color palette that looks absolutely beautiful. A velvet cover on your sofa is an easy way to add soft and sophisticated colors to the living room. I´ve created two different looks with my favorite colors from the range – Straw Yellow and Sand Beige.

If you don´t know Bemz from before they are a design company specialising in custom covers for Ikea sofas. They create and innovate responsibly and conscientiously – with respect for our planet and with little waste. All covers are sewn to order in Europe, and I´m a fan of their idea that there is no need to throw away a perfectly good piece of furniture because the fabric is damaged or that it doesn’t fit your taste anymore. You can choose from a range of 250+ fabrics and they are all machine washable. In addition they also make curtains, pillows and textiles for the bedroom.

The Malmen Velvet Straw Yellow cover was my first pick. I think you´ve seen my obsession on yellow this fall if you follow me on Instagram, and the sofa really pops out with this cover. It looks so pretty combined with my grey walls and the marble table. The premium velvet fabric is tightly woven with short, fine pile that creates a matte finish, for a classic, soft-washed look.

I also wanted to try out the Malmen Velvet Sand Beige cover. The beige color is absolutely beautiful and when the yellow cover pops out, this one almost melts in to the interior and makes the expression super classy. The fabric looks so soft and nice, and I can assure you it feels like that as well. If you´re having a contemporary, sophisticated velvet sofa on your wish list, without the high design price tag, the Malmen Velvet covers are the perfect choice. Bemz has created the range in a carefully curated palette of Scandi-inspired colours that are sure to inspire those who love modern, muted tones and a classic, timeless look. Before choosing a new cover of course we want to see the fabric and Bemz has made it easy for us. You can order up to five free samples from Bemz here. 

To give one of my readers the opportunity to update your Ikea sofa Bemz is giving away a gift card with a value of 5000 NOK. To participate you simply leave a comment underneath with the link to your preferred cover and tell me your motivation to win. The winner will be announced in a week.
The give away is international and open to everyone.

Good luck!

Styling and photography @ Elisabeth Heier


The giveaway is ended and the lucky winner is Cecilie Skår, randomly chosen. Thank you for participating! 


It´s been some crazy, busy weeks lately. I´m not complaining over travels, events or going to fairs – it is part of my job, a job which I love very much. But at the same time, who can keep up with that marathon for weeks? I can´t. At least I need some rest in between. And this weekend I´ve just been hanging out with my kids and finally spent some hours on my sofa (The new one I got a few weeks ago. About time to try it!) I´m not even joking when I tell you I spend less time in my living room than any other place in my apartment. And the fact that I do gives my some ideas for my new apartment. I can´t wait to start working on it.

I got a lot of questions about my new sofa after posting a photo on Instagram a few weeks ago. Many of you recognized the Söderhamn series from Ikea, and this model is the sofa-bed. Unfortunately I don´t think they sell the sofa-bed any longer, but the three seater is pretty much the same. Cover from Bemz.

photography © elisabeth heier


Enjoy your Sunday!



My latest addition to the living room is a beautiful marble table from the Finnish brand Adea. After months of searching for a new table that also would fit my next home I found what I think is the perfect match. I know I will be on the move again very soon, after all I am renting this place, and it is supposed to be short term.
The table is simple in its form but with details that makes it stand out. Also with room for lots of magazines, books and some flowers. Thats all you need isn´t it? The Plateau table range from Adea is available in different sizes and a variety of materials and different kinds of marble. The Plateau Table is designed by Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle.

Besides tables, Adea is known for their high quality sofas. Their sofa, Mr. Jones designed by Alexander Lervik won the Swedish Elle Decorations award 2017 in the category Furniture of the Year. Their designs also includes a wide range of armchairs and shelves.

photography © elisabeth heier






Ad/In collaboration with Bang & Olufsen 
Can you spot the new tv in my living room? When I was asked to try out the BeoVision Horizon from Bang & Olufsen of course I said yes. The design is really nice, and the flexibility of a tv with a wheel stand fits my lifestyle perfect. I don´t have a suited wall to hang a tv on, and to be honest I don´t spend much time watching tv either. ..but I must admit, the good habit is about to change after this one moved in.

The BeoVision Horizon was designed by Torsten Valeur, and I love the minimalistic design. The classical Bang & Olufsen TV has no unnecessary details, only the essentials. This makes it blend in and suit any interior, or stand out in your home if that is your wish. Either hang it on the wall, place it on a wall stand or use it with an easel stand that gives it an very casual look. Or with the weel stand that I´ve got. Very versatile and I also love how it reminds me of how the TV´s looked like when I grew up. Though they were huge and far from as good looking as this one. When the tv is not in use I easily roll it back into place against the wall, and you can´t even see it when you look into the living room. Perfect, or what?

I am not going to go further into explaining the technical qualities of the BeoVision Horizon, but I can assure you both the sound and the picture quality is amazing. The picture automatically adjusts to the content and light conditions, and it got intergrated access to all your enetrtainment through the Android TV™ platform. I have always had the impression that Bang & Olufsen represents exceptional quality and design, but this is even better. Did I tell you I love it?

photo © elisabeth heier