Since I´m both moving this December and traveling the last week before the holidays I got myself an alternative Christmas tree. I decorated the house early both for myself but most of all for my children and for them to have a festive feeling in the house. Although I have a lot of decorations and ornaments from earlier on I chose not to use a lot of it this year. Instead I´ve used just a few items to bring the festive feeling into my home, you can see how my early decorating was in a blogpost hereThe last thing up this year is the golden ornaments from Ferm Living. I love the combination of a modern shape in a traditional ornament. I´ve seen the same decorations both at Jennifer and Deborahs house lately, and they both have so many nice inspirational posts as well, worth reading up on! The golden ornaments looks just as pretty on the Christmas tree as on some branches like the ones I brought in from the backyard. If you choose a vase with some twigs it will become even more festive by using fir or spruce. And a bonus is the nice smell.

styling and photo ©elisabeth heier




Ad, in collaboration with Ellos
Wrapping the Christmas gifts should be a fun and easy activity. I always find it relaxing to sit down to wrap everything, and although the paper in some cases are torn of quickly its nice to gift someone with something you’ve spent time wrapping nicely. Pretty paper, ribbon or twine and some twigs for decoration is basically all you need. This year I found some nice additions at Ellos to what I already had in stock. Use the waxed paper with ribbon in your favorite color, or the twine. I’ve added some eucalyptus for a personal touch, choose whatever you have in the house. Leftovers from wreaths, cones and dried flowers works well for this purpose. Enjoy!

photo and styling © Elisabeth Heier




This weekend I started to decorate my home for Christmas. Only a few items added to have a festive feeling throughout December. I always end up using less than I plan to, and the boxes with decorations I carried down from the attic is pretty much as full as they were before I started decorating. This year I decided to go for a soft color scheme, like I already have in my home. Hues of beige and grey, and for the first time ever, a deep red color I absolutely love. The candle holder in brass from Ferm Living is my advent wreath and together with a vase from Skagerak filled with straw (absolutely love these!) and a small bowl filled with walnuts on my table it turned out just as festive as I wanted it to. Not too much, just a subtle feeling of Christmas. Adding pillows for color is a bit of a cliché, but this time it worked out really well and the red one I came across at Houz last week is perfect. In soft alpaca wool from Elvang.

Removing a few items when you add Christmas decorations is always a good idea. Even though I want a bit more for Christmas I also want to keep the clean and modern expression in my home. So I removed some stuff to make room for the wooden decorations from Kristina Dam in my shelf.

The presents I already bought is wrapped, and I keep them in my living room as a decoration itself. Simply wrapped with light grey paper and a red ribbon. The grey paper is to be found at Norway Designs here in Oslo (they actually got the beautiful grey color made upon request as they wanted a color similar to the grey paper bags from COS. Love it!) and the red ribbon is to be found at Granit.

You can read more about my preparations for Christmas at Lady Inspirasjonsblogg. 

photo © Elisabeth Heier




Christmas is closing up. The streets are decorated with twinkling lights, shops are loaded with gifts, markets are opening up around town, and even though I`m far from decorating my own home I kinda like getting into the mood by all of this. A little while ago I was asked by Rosendahl Design Group to decorate two tables at their event at Illums Bolighus in Oslo that took place earlier this week. Of course I wanted to, decorating tables and making some nice Christmas inspiration is something I enjoy very much.

I got to work with two themes, Dinner with friends and Christmas Breakfast, both with the beautiful Rhombe series from Lyngby Porcelæn. As for both of them I wanted to express a feeling of understated luxury. High quality products in everything from plates, glasses and vases but decorated in a casual way who sets the mood for a relaxed atmosphere and good conversations.

At the dinner with friends table I used the classic rifled Lyngby vase both in smoked and clear glass together with the crisp white Rhombe plates. On top of the plates a simple wreath of eucalyptus and the Lyngby Porcelæn Rhombe bauble. The bauble is both as decorative on the table as hanging on the Christmas tree. Did you know that the iconic Lyngby Porcelæn vase was designed already in 1936? The vase has become an icon since then and more popular than ever. Both in porcelain and glass, and in a wide variety of colors makes it easy to find your favorite. I prefer them casually placed on the table with just a few flowers or twigs in each, making the vase stand out by itself.

Glasses; Holmegaard Perfection white wine and Holmegaard Perfection Tumbler. Cutlery; Gense Dorotea Night. Table cloth and napkins in linen from Himla. Everything to be found at Illums Bolighus.

In my second table setting the theme was Christmas Breakfast. Imagining early morning, excited children and a slow and nice breakfast. Also decorated in the Scandinavian, clean way I prefer. The Lyngby Rhombe series is a tribute to the classic dinner set. A series with a subtle re-interpretation of a familiar pattern. The pattern originates from the large design archive of Lyngby Porcelain and had its debut on the popular series, Danild from 1961. Back then, the pattern was printed on the porcelain as transfermarks, but in the new and updated version the pattern is placed as reliefs on the rim of the plates.

To add some typical (at least for me!) Christmas flowers on the table I placed white Hyacinths in the Chapeau bowl. I have one of those myself and I love the shape, the matt surface of the porcelain and the versatility of it. Decorative on a shelf with the lid on, for storing smaller items, used as a bowl for soup or sweets, or with Hyacinths in for Christmas. The Chapeau bowl is designed by Milia Seyppel for Lyngby Porcelæn. Together with Lyngby candle holders it was the decorative objects needed.

All porcelain from the Lyngby Rhombe series. Glasses; Joe Colombo/Lyngby Porcelæn, linen napkins/Himla, steel cutlery Dorotea/Gense. Everything available at Illums Bolighus. The tables will be a part of the exhibition until December

Photos by Anne-Margrethe Malkenes Mathisen/Rosendahl Design Group





Ja, dette er faktisk noen glimt fra mitt nye hjem. Den skjønneste Løkka-leiligheten, med alt jeg ønsket meg, bortsett fra at den ikke var til salgs da jeg skulle kjøpe etter hussalget i oktober. Så denne skjønnheten er leid, og blir et finfint hjem mens jeg er tilbake i byen og kan finne min leilighet i ro og mak. Og i mellomtiden kommer det spennende, hvordan gjøre en leilighet du ikke eier selv til din egen? Nå har jo denne en masse sjarm fra før, men noen inspirerende grep håper jeg at jeg kan vise dere. For det er jo selvfølgelig begrenset hva man faktisk kan gjøre.

Finally, some glimpses from my new home. A beautiful, classical apartment with everything I wished for, except it wasn´t for sale when I was ready to buy after the house were sold. So this one is rented and will be a very nice home while I´m searching for my very own apartment. Meanwhile I´ll show you some inspiring ways of making a rental the personal home you´d like it to be. This one has lots of charm and good qualities, so there isn´t much needed – but I´ve already started with some smaller upgrades like painting. And I can´t wait to show you more! 



I løpet av den siste uken har jeg så smått flyttet inn, og mens vegger og lister får noen oppfriskende malingsstrøk er det hyggelig med noen personlige detaljer. Jul i byleiligheten, magasinene mine og blomster i vinduskarmen. Akkurat slike vinduskarmer jeg har savnet siden sist jeg bodde slik. Dype nok til å romme både bøker og være en ekstra sitteplass.

The last few days I´ve slowly been moving in, and while I´ve been painting I´ve also added some Christmas details and personal items. The easiest way to feel at home, isn´t it? 



Nå mangler det bare noen snøfnugg utenfor vinduene, så er julestemningen komplett.. Foran meg har jeg noen dager til med intensiv flytting, men først er det jul. Og en riktig god jul til alle dere. Nyt den!

I have some days left before I´m settled here in my new home, but first – Christmas. A very, merry Christmas to all of you. Enjoy it! 


foto © elisabeth heier





foto © elisabeth heier

Årets julegaver er enkelt innpakket i myke pudderfarger. Gråtoner, natur, lys rosa og nude. Ekstra fint papir og vakkert sløyfebånd. Mer innpakkingsinspirasjon fra tidligere år her, her og her. (Papir og sløyfebånd fra Papirgalleriet/Norway Designs.)

This years gifts are wrapped in soft powdery hues. Greys, light brown, pink and nude. The finest paper and ribbon I could find. More inspiration for the gift wrapping can be found here, here and here