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For New Years Eve I’m back in Oslo and the evening will be celebrated with friends in my new home. Knowing that a lot of my things still will be in boxes after the move I´ve already planned how to set the table for the special occasion and I hope to inspire you as well. The table setting does not take a lot of effort, the only preparations is buying the flowers and iron the linen. I love the casual feeling of it. Although it´s a special day it doesn’t mean that everything has to be perfect, you simply choose whatever you like the most, put a huge bouquet of flowers on the table and add the people you love. The evening will be great. Both the tableware and the textiles I´ve used is from Ellos and the good news is that if you live in the Oslo-area they guarantee that all orders placed before December will be delivered before Christmas. A great deal when time is running short, probably I’m not the only one being a bit late when it comes to everything that has to be done before the holidays.

For New Years Eve I prefer a table in hues of white. A clean canvas for new beginnings. Flowers that sparkle a bit and shiny brass for the festive feeling. I´ve chosen the tableware called Pure, it´s handmade and has a beautiful, matt surface. Plates and bowles placed with a napkin simply folded in between. To add more personality I chose to use a larger plate underneath with a nice beige color, golden cutlery and lighted candles.

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Table cloth in chalk white
Linen napkins in natural linen color
Ceramic plates
Ceramic bowls

photo © Elisabeth Heier






Christmas is closing up. The streets are decorated with twinkling lights, shops are loaded with gifts, markets are opening up around town, and even though I`m far from decorating my own home I kinda like getting into the mood by all of this. A little while ago I was asked by Rosendahl Design Group to decorate two tables at their event at Illums Bolighus in Oslo that took place earlier this week. Of course I wanted to, decorating tables and making some nice Christmas inspiration is something I enjoy very much.

I got to work with two themes, Dinner with friends and Christmas Breakfast, both with the beautiful Rhombe series from Lyngby Porcelæn. As for both of them I wanted to express a feeling of understated luxury. High quality products in everything from plates, glasses and vases but decorated in a casual way who sets the mood for a relaxed atmosphere and good conversations.

At the dinner with friends table I used the classic rifled Lyngby vase both in smoked and clear glass together with the crisp white Rhombe plates. On top of the plates a simple wreath of eucalyptus and the Lyngby Porcelæn Rhombe bauble. The bauble is both as decorative on the table as hanging on the Christmas tree. Did you know that the iconic Lyngby Porcelæn vase was designed already in 1936? The vase has become an icon since then and more popular than ever. Both in porcelain and glass, and in a wide variety of colors makes it easy to find your favorite. I prefer them casually placed on the table with just a few flowers or twigs in each, making the vase stand out by itself.

Glasses; Holmegaard Perfection white wine and Holmegaard Perfection Tumbler. Cutlery; Gense Dorotea Night. Table cloth and napkins in linen from Himla. Everything to be found at Illums Bolighus.

In my second table setting the theme was Christmas Breakfast. Imagining early morning, excited children and a slow and nice breakfast. Also decorated in the Scandinavian, clean way I prefer. The Lyngby Rhombe series is a tribute to the classic dinner set. A series with a subtle re-interpretation of a familiar pattern. The pattern originates from the large design archive of Lyngby Porcelain and had its debut on the popular series, Danild from 1961. Back then, the pattern was printed on the porcelain as transfermarks, but in the new and updated version the pattern is placed as reliefs on the rim of the plates.

To add some typical (at least for me!) Christmas flowers on the table I placed white Hyacinths in the Chapeau bowl. I have one of those myself and I love the shape, the matt surface of the porcelain and the versatility of it. Decorative on a shelf with the lid on, for storing smaller items, used as a bowl for soup or sweets, or with Hyacinths in for Christmas. The Chapeau bowl is designed by Milia Seyppel for Lyngby Porcelæn. Together with Lyngby candle holders it was the decorative objects needed.

All porcelain from the Lyngby Rhombe series. Glasses; Joe Colombo/Lyngby Porcelæn, linen napkins/Himla, steel cutlery Dorotea/Gense. Everything available at Illums Bolighus. The tables will be a part of the exhibition until December

Photos by Anne-Margrethe Malkenes Mathisen/Rosendahl Design Group




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Halloween is coming up and it is a nice occasion to set the table and invite your friends and family for dinner. If you´re not a fan of the scary theme you can easily do a more elegant and autumnal table. I wanted my table setting to be a bit darker than usual, and with a few details that I associate with Halloween. For me that is pumpkins. I found some really nice ones in white and grey at the flower shop, I also have a beautiful tree in the backyard with dark leaves that I think suit the theme very well. And then of course the dark grey napkins and black plates.

The black ceramic plates is new this fall in the Ellos Home range, designed with an uneven shape and a matt and really beautiful surface. Can go in the dishwasher and microwave. Svale plates and the rest of the Svale stoneware range is to be found here. The linen napkins is a long time favorite of mine, and I already have them in a variety of colors. The dark grey color is to be found here, along with the rest of napkins from the Ellos Home range. Earlier this year I did a post with different suggestions on how to fold and decorate with linen napkins, you can se it here if you want some ideas.

photo and styling © Elisabeth Heier




Like I wrote earlier, this week is all about press events and fall news in Oslo. Yesterday Danish Lyngby Porcelain invited to dinner at Ett Bord to show their fall news and inspire to how to decorate the table with the beautiful rifled Lyngby vases and candle holders. Anne Mina Lillelien from Mina Milanda (you can see some photos from her flower shop here) showed us how to mix green leaves and flowers to create a casual look on the table and how well the Lyngby vases goes with both a big bouquet of flowers or a single leaf or flower. New color on the classic Lyngby Porcelain vase this year is the pretty green color, called Copenhagen Green seen below.

photography © Elisabeth Heier 





I samarbeid med Ellos har jeg laget noen enkle tips til hvordan du kan bruke linservietter i borddekkingen. Anledninger til å dekke fine bord er det mange å ta av fremover utover våren og sommeren. Eller om du som meg synes søndagsfrokosten også er en anledning til å gjøre bordet ekstra fint. Ellos har et godt utvalg av både duker og servietter i forskjellige farger og direkte link til produktet finner du i teksten der det er beskrevet.

På det første bildet har jeg enkelt brettet servietten og lagt den mellom dekketallerken og en dyp tallerken. En fin måte å gjøre det på om du liker rene linjer og du heller vil ha fokus på serviset. Linserviett i fargen askegrå og duk i fargen kalkhvit. 

In collaboration with Ellos I want to inspire you on how to use linen napkins in your table setting. There are so many festive occations during spring and summer and hopefully you can get some tips from my ideas here.
In the first photo I have easily folded the napkin and placed it underneath the bowl. A nice way of doing it if you want to keep focus on your porcelain and in general prefer a clean look. Linen napkin in the color Ash Grey and table cloth in the color Chalk White. 

Med nystrøkne servietter er det enkelt å legge de pent over skålen slik som jeg har gjort på bildet over. Enklere får du det nesten ikke, men alikevel så dekorativt med myk lin som folder seg pent. Duk i fargen mørk grå og servietter i samme mørk grå farge, begge i 100% lin.

Newly ironed napkins folds naturally beautiful and here I´ve easily folded them into the bowl. Table cloth in the color Dark Grey and linen napkins in the same Dark Grey color

Til en finere anledning passer det godt med et bord i nyanser av hvitt. Serviettene har fått en dekorativ knute på midten og kan både plasseres på tallerken eller ved siden av. Serviett i fargen askegrå og duk i fargen kalkhvit. Begge i tynt vevet hellin.

For a more festive occation it´s beautiful with a table in light nuances. The napkins has gotten a knot and can both be placed on the plate or right next to it. Napkins in the color Ash Grey and table cloth in the color Chalk White

Med blomstring i alle bakgårder og hager finnes det så mye fint å dekorere bordet med, og inn under lærtråden har jeg stukket en liten magnoliakvist. Følg årstid og det som finnes akkurat nå, til 17.mai passer det kanskje med en liten bjørkekvist og et bånd i nasjonalfargene i stedet for lærtråden. Linserviett og duk i mørk grå.

A leather tie, some twine or whatever you have at home can easily be tied around the napkin. For extra decoration I´ve used a small twig of magnolia with it, whatever is in bloom at the moment will be a perfect fit. Linen napkin and table cloth in dark grey. 

Til dåp eller bryllup er det often en liten kuvertgave til hver gjest og her har jeg brukt servietten som innpakning. Serviettene er store nok til å enkelt knyte de rundt en liten presang og det blir både dekorativt og fint. Her har jeg brukt hvite linservietter til den kalkhvite duken.

Are you planning a table setting for a wedding or a baptism you might also want to have a small gift for every guest on the table. Why not use the napkin to wrap the treat? Carefully fold the napkin around it and you have a decorative two-in-one on the plate. Here I´ve used white linen napkins toghether with the table cloth in Chalk White.

Og har du alikevel fine linservietter i skapet ser jeg ingen grunn til ikke å bruke de til frokosten. Jeg tar i hvertfall frem mine selv om det er en helt vanlig hverdag. Her har jeg brukt serviettene i den fine fargen askegrå igjen.

Theres no reason not to use the linen napkins also for a every day breakfast. Extra luxury on the table is understated, and at once the napkins are there it feels like a hotel breakfast. Here the beautiful color ash grey

photo & styling © elisabeth heier




How often do you manage to gather your friends and family for a meal, and even mid week? I really wish I did more often. The meal, the talks and the laughter you share – it´s what its all about. I enjoy setting the table with fresh flowers and everything, but it really doesn´t have to be complicated. On a everyday, with the pot on the table and porcelain that fits every occasion from the cupboard. With the atmosphere and the persons you share it with in focus. This is my interpretation of Iittalas Table Reset where they wish to inspire for new ways to set the table. It’s about more than mixing and matching, it is about facilitating a new and dynamic way of life. To question our old habits and find new ways of living and eating. It is about sharing meaningful moments with others and create memories and social ties through sharing a meal and a good conversation at the table.

Noe av det aller mest hyggelige som finnes er å samle venner og familie rundt bordet, men hvor ofte gjør man det egentlig sånn i hverdagen? Det er jo gjerne den torsdag ettermiddagen man ender med å bli sittende til langt på kveld, fordi man har så mye å snakke om og det er så hyggelig når man endelig ses. Når man klarer å samle venninnegjengen etter jobb, lager mat sammen og alle bidrar. Dere som kjenner meg vet at jeg liker å dekke bord, friske blomster og alt det der – men det må ikke være så komplisert. Midt i uken, suppegryten på bordet og servise som passer til alt fra skapet. God stemning, med hverandre og måltidet i fokus. Det er min tolkning av Iittalas Table Reset der de vil inspirere til nye måter å tenke borddekking på. Det handler om mer enn å mikse og matche, det handler om å legge til rette for en ny og dynamisk måte å leve på. Å sette spørsmålstegn ved inngrodde vaner og se på nye måter å leve og spise. Det handler om å dele meningsfulle øyeblikk med andre, og skape minner og sosiale bånd gjennom det å dele et måltid og en god samtale ved bordet. 


I´ve been using the dishes 24H from Iittala for years, one of my friends and I actually found out I bought my first pieces when we visited Helsinki with our class from design school fifteen years ago. Still going strong, but for my dinner gathering I borrowed some new Iittala Teema bowls and plates toghether with beautiful glasses from Iittalas Essence series and cutlery from their Artik series. Teema was designed by one of Iittalas most iconic design heroes, Kaj Franck in the early 1950´s. Teema is a versatile collection with endless combinations of shapes, sizes and colours. Capturing the essence of Scandinavian design thinking, each Teema piece is derived from three simple forms: circle, square and rectangle. The collection makes it easy to create your personal style and they are suited for both everyday use and festive occasions. Plates, platters, cups and bowls, each and every Teema piece is oven, freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Mitt eget 24H servise fra Iittala har vært i daglig bruk i femten år, for når serviset ble samtaleemne måtte venninnen min og jeg regne oss tilbake til klasseturen til Finland da jeg kjøpte mine første deler. Det holder seg fortsatt like godt men til middagen forrige uke lånte jeg nye Teema boller og tallerkener, vin- og vannglass fra Iittalas Essence serie og bestikket Artik. Teema ble designet av Kaj Fanck tidlig på 50-tallet. Kaj Franck er en av Finlands mest kjente designere og har formgitt både Teema og Kartio for Iittala. Teemaserien er fleksibel med endeløse kombinasjonsmuligheter av former, størrelser og farger. Alle delene i serviset er avledet fra tre enkle former; sirkelen,  kvadratet og rektangelet og fanger essensen av måten man tenker design på i Skandinavia. Serien gjør det enkelt å sette sitt personlige preg på bordet og den passer like godt til hverdags som til fest. Tallerkener, kopper og boller – hver eneste del av Teema serviset tåler både ovn, fryser, oppvaskmaskin og mikrobølgeovn. 


Dinner guests in the middle of the week can not mean you have to spend all day preparing the meal. Grocery shopping on the way home from meetings, flowers under the arm and friends who helps out when they arrive makes it managable. The recipe on the delicious carrot soup I served is from one of my dear friends, a very similar one is to be found here.

Middagsgjester midt i uken gjør at maten må være enkel å tilbrede. Suppen jeg serverte forrige uke kan både lages kvelden før eller tilbredes etter jobb med litt hjelp av gjestene. Bonusen er at det er så hyggelig å lage mat sammen. Oppskriften på gulrotsuppen er fra en god venninne og nesten helt lik finner du her



I´ve mixed Iittalas products with some of my personal favourites, a vase and some linen napkins. In addition to the Teema table vare, the Essence glasses and Artik cutlery from Iittala I´ve used Nappula candle holders in dark grey, Sarpaneva cast iron pot, and small Teema Tiimi dishes.

Jeg har mikset Iittalas produkter med noen personlige favoritter, en vase og linservietter. I tillegg til Teema serviset, Essence glassene og Artik bestikket har jeg brukt Nappula lysestaker i mørk grått, Sarpaneva støpejernsgryte og små Teema Tiimi fat


photo © elisabeth heier