Collage by Elisabeth Heier

Ad/In collaboration with Houz
One of my favorite interior shops in Oslo has a lot of nice news this fall, both new brands and new products in general. With my moving coming up I have no problem filling up my wishlist. From top left; The Eiffel wall lamp from Frama is a industrial looking lamp made with simplicity in mind. The light is being diffused thanks to the blown opal glass. The construction rod is made from gun blued steel and it reflects the light softly. Design by Krøyer Sætter Lassen, 2015. Noon art print by Kristina Krogh, this limited edition giclée art print is made from one of Kristina’s original drawings with pencils. It´s part of a series consisting of works of art inspired by the color transformation of the sky and the landscape in one day. The art print is made in a limited edition of only 200, signed and numbered by Kristina Krogh. The Alma pendant from Wästberg is part of a series of three lamps, a pendant, a wall lamp and a lamp for the ceiling. Different from everything else I´ve seen so far and very beautiful. The starting point for Alma lamp is a circle of soft sine waves diffusing light. The shape is based on a rotated sine wave, where light and shadow create a readily recognisable character. The lamp doubles as a solitary, for example freely suspended above a table, and in a group in a larger room. Crown Chair from Massproductions, a very sophisticated and truly comfortable dining chair designed by one of the co founders of Swedish Massproductions, Chris Martin. The chair is cleverly constructed, with playful elements. Backrests are perched on the armrests, seemingly unsupported but in fact relying on a strong, concealed steel joint. With these chairs I would never be sitting anywhere else than at my dining table. Sander Table from Massproductions in glass, like the Crown Chair this beautiful, mouth blown table is designed by Chris Martin. Houz also has gotten the AJ Otto stoneware collection from Frama in store this fall. I love the Japanese inspired plates, cups and mugs – and everything is handmade in Denmark. Pulse Magazine holder from Skagerak, designed by the Rumanian- Norwegian design duo Noidoi. Perfect for all my magazines, and very beautiful on its own as well with its sculptural shape. The magazine holder is made from the slightly flexible material moulded felt which is formed by recycled plastic. Kanso Tray Table from Please Wait To be Seated, design by Laura Bilde. The table has an understated, even austere, metal frame that bears the trays, made from black stained ash wood. Easy to fit together, it’s a sturdy yet elegant expression of sculptural form and no-nonsense function. Last up, the Moor Rug from &tradition, design by All The Way to Paris. ATWTP wanted to focus solely on the shapes, colours and textures with the Moor rug collection – without any patterns. A rug brings all the elements of a room together in harmony, creating a feeling of closeness. The Moor rug have a subtle shimmer to the surface to echo the qualities of a gemstone. Available both in this pretty beige color and in moss green. 





photos via H&M Home 

H&M Home recently launched a new range of kitchen accessories and porcelain. The porcelain has simple and clean shapes and budget friendly prices, so it´s a good first-buy alternative. I found my favorite amongst their news a week ago in one of the H&M Home stores in Oslo, a beautiful pitcher in a warm grey color. I left it on the shelf, in a moment of thinking I actually dont need it.. but I am rethinking my descision after seeing it again in the press images. You can see it far back on the table in the second photo. Location for the press photos is in the showroom of Københavns Møbelsnedkeri in Copenhagen (it´s a really inspiring place!), if you want to see more from it, here are my photos from my visit there. 





photo © elisabeth heier  

Sundays like these. Soaking up on the sun, recharging with doing nothing but reading, having coffees and letting time fly. Days like that are so rare and even more appreciated when I have one. What every Sunday should look like, isn´t it? I´m still in «decorating mode» for my appartment too, and as of lately I´ve gotten a couple of bar stools for my kitchen. The perfect «coffee in the morning» spot. Or for friends to hang when I cook dinner. But most of all for my children to eat their breakfast and do their homework. The stools has been a favorite of mine for a very long time, and were designed in 2011 by Norm Architects for &tradition. Since my kitchen has black units on one side (not to be seen here) and white/oak on the other side it looks really nice with black stools. I´ll have to take some more photos to show you more of the room. But today, I caught the sun and the atmosphere.




photography by Elisabeth Heier

That Friday feeling, the one you long for all week long. At least I do. Fresh flowers, sunny weather (!), and the whole weekend ahead. Though it´s already has felt like weekend a few days now. With sick kids at home its impossible to do anything else but quickly answer emails, sneaking in a few IG-updates and the rest of the time, being mum. I hope the chickenpox disappears very soon..
Enjoy the weekend! 





foto produsentene / utvalg Elisabeth Heier

Denne månedens ønskeliste er lengre enn ellers, ikke bare er det så mange fine nyheter akkurat nå jeg holder jo på å innrede nytt hjem også. Og om sistnevnte tar litt tid er det lov å drømme. 1. Plinht fra Menu, disse er så fine og har uendelig mange bruksområder. Den lave utgaven som sofabord, den høye som et sidebord i entréen eller for å stille ut en fin gjenstand. 2. The Monocle Guide to good business/New Mags, dette er året for å utvikle meg videre ifht jobb og denne sikler jeg på..
3. Slit Table/Hay, akkurat nå ønsker jeg meg speilblankt stål og krom og Slit Table har stått på ønskelisten en stund. 4. Gubis Semipendel er en klassisker og også denne i krom ville vært perfekt over mitt runde spisebord. 5. Gardiner! Endelig er de høye vinduene på plass og gardinene fra Kvadrat som henger i Kinfolk Gallery i København er noen av de fineste jeg har sett. 6. Cage Table/Menu, den nye utgaven av dette bordet med understell i stål og bordplate i grå marmor er nydelig. Nattbord, stuebord, sidebord.. Ja takk!

My wish list this month is never ending and here are the goodies on top of it. 1. Plint/Menu, black or white marble and three sizes makes these perfect as lounge tables, side boards and more. 2. The Monocle Guide to good business/New Mags, must read this year! 3. Slit Table/Hay, this one has been on my list for a long time but now I want the mirror look. 4. Semi Pendant/Gubi, a classic and so perfect over my dining table. 5. Curtains! I finally have the windows for it and the curtains from Kvadrat in Kinfolk Gallery are the most beautiful ever. 6. Cage Table/Menu with the combination of grey marble and steel – perfect as a small lounge table, side board or bedside table. Yes please! 



På Bryn ligger det en liten oase av et kreativt fellesskap. Det flotte gamle teglsteinsbygget huser både studio, blomsterverksted og en liten butikk. For en lykke det er å komme over slike steder, bare noen minutter med bil utenfor Oslo sentrum. Jeg har vært innom blomsterverkstedet Passiflora flere ganger og siden sist har de byttet litt om på lokalene og Aina C. Hole har flyttet inn i et av studioene. I tillegg til hovedvirksomheten som fotograf har hun en nettbutikk med showroom der ute. Et sånt supersjarmerende sted som holder åpent en torsdag eller lørdag innimellom, serverer varm eplegløgg og nybakt kake – sammen med Aina Nyberget som driver Passiflora. Følg med på facebooksiden til Passiflora for åpningstider, og få med dere julemarkedet, det er så fint!


Jeg oppdaget VårInstagram i sommer og falt umiddelbart for de vakre bildene og produktene som er håndplukket til butikken. Keramikk fra nederlandske Kirstie van Noort er en av skattene du finner der, danske designklassikere kjøpt på auksjoner en annen. Tekstiler fra Aiayu, vakre treprodukter laget av norske Løvfall (Ainas mann Anders Gjengedal), vintage Kaiser Dell lamper og en hel masse annet fint. Produkter som innehaver bruker selv, har hjemme eller har kjøpt inn til fotografering. Varig design og god kvalitet, naturmaterialer og godt håndverk. Akkurat sånn som jeg liker det.




Ut av døren hos Aina C. Hole og Vår og inn en annen ligger blomsterverkstedet Passiflora. I 1. etasje av Studio Ask som forøvrig har et studio så fint at det må være alle fotografers og stylisters drøm, ligger Aina Nybergets blomsterverksted og butikk Passiflora. Aina holder verkstedet åpent hver torsdag og i tillegg til vakre og spesielle planter får du med deg en god dose inspirasjon og fagkunnskap. Det må heies litt ekstra på dyktige mennsker med lideskap for faget og jobben sin. Som driver butikk med sjel og atmosfære, så langt fra kjøpesentrene man kan komme.



foto © elisabeth heier


// Right outside the city centre of Oslo theres a beautiful old brick building housing some really creative people. You´ll find several studios, the interior shop Vår and the flower shop Passiflora. Both shops is as an extencion of their work as a flower stylists and a photographer, and I promise – you´ll love the atmosphere. //