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Located at a buzzing corner in Brera during Milan Design Week ASKO showed their new Black Steel range. I was invited to attend – and to show those of you who didn’t have the chance to visit their latest news. Also I got to experience the whole range myself too, with chefs cooking some delicious food there. I assure you its something very different from my cooking at home even though I also have the newest ASKO Black Steel oven.:)

Based on the art of pure craftmanship and durable construction with a passion for detail and innovation, ASKO appliances have delivered high performance, quality and sheer design excellence for almost 70 years. Being a Scandinavian global premium brand that offers a full range of home and professional appliances ASKO was born back in 1950 in Vära, Sweden. A innovative young man’s dream to build a washing machine for his mother to suit her everyday need. The results were so extraordinary that he built a world class engineering and manufacturing facility right on the family farm. Since Karl Erik Andersson built his first washing machine from stainless steel standing steady on four cast iron legs, craftsmanship, everyday functionalism, durable construction and carefully designed products that should improve people’s quality of life and protect the environment are at the core of ASKO. Its philosophy remains simple yet demanding: Only the best is good enough.

Black Steel, the latest addition to the ASKO Craft range, meets the expectations regarding high-quality craftmanship and attention to details, and adds another dimension to the kitchen. It adapts to the lightning conditions and surrounding colours in a nice way, so that the Black Steel products can be integrated in an equally stylish way whether in a modern, industrial style or a rural richly decorated kitchen.

Black Steel is just not one colour, it is a living colour. Inspired by the magical reflections of the Northern lights the surface changes with the light during the day. With its diagonally brushed surface, complemented with a splash of colour, Black Steel is a modern interpretation of the classic stainless steel. The colour makes the brushed pattern appear clearer, and the light is reflected in various ways making the surface come alive with a shimmering expression. It is available in all appliances in the kitchen ASKO Craft range, giving them a sober, shimmering and exclusive feel. The appliances is also available in classic Stainless Steel and soft Graphite Black color so everyone will find a match for their kitchen. 

In a modern kitchen, appliances can take up as much as 50 percent of the surface. Hence the look and feel are more important than one might think. ASKO Craft Black Steel range matches both your high standards of aesthetics and your gastronomic ambitions. Thanks to the advanced technology, practical functions and user-friendly interfaces, the appliances in the Craft range bring the best professional chefs’ high standards in every home. For me its a lot more fun to cook with the Black Steel oven, try new recipes and dishes. Lamb roast for Easter was delicious! The ovens are instruments of precision, combining the possibilities to cook with a steam, hot air and grill in the same program.

You can also have a vacuum drawer added underneath your oven. The innovative ASKO Craft Vacuum Drawer introduces the advanced Sous-Vide cooking technique in your own home that preserves natural flavours, colour, texture, essential vitamins and minerals of the food.

The ASKO Black Steel range also includes a dishwasher (above). Seamlessly integrated, ASKO Dishwashers are exceptionally efficient, durable and attractive and they are designed to make your life easier. Completely made of steel, they bring practical and innovative solutions like the basket system that is the market’s largest and most flexible. It allows you to load different items in the one and same basket and it loads up to 17 place settings. ASKO’s 11 Spray™ zones system consists of 11 highly effective spray zones, ensuring that the whole load gets sparkling clean. The Quick Pro Wash programme is inspired by the world of professional dishwashers where speed is the key. It is perfect when you need the same crockery, glasses or other utensils several times on the same occasion – for example a large dinner party or when baking. The Self-cleaning programme ensures that the tubes and spray system are thoroughly cleaned, because the regular cleaning is essential for both, washing performance and the machine’s longevity.

I’ve been using my ASKO Black Steel oven for a while now and I am impressed by the intuitive functionality of the oven and I love the understated feeling of luxury and high quality craftsmanship. The ASKO Craft Black Steel range also includes cooker hoods, fridges, freezers and a wine chiller – all with the minimalistic, Scandinavian design. Read more and see the full range here. You can also see the ASKO Black Steel Craft oven in my kitchen here. 

Photography © Elisabeth Heier




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