Sharing is fun, annoying – but most of all the seven- and nine year old enjoy each others company, especially after bedtime.

During renovations I moved the kitchen from the smallest room in the apartment and into what was then the dining room in order to make space for an extra bedroom. Being a small room it needed clever sleeping and storage solutions to be a nice place to be – and to be functional as well. Ikea is great for so many reasons but in this case I just couldn’t find a solution that would work out well – the space is simply too limited. What to do then, after all – Ikea is my go-to-place when it comes to storage of all kinds. Thankfully theres a very handy dad who was more than willing to build the coolest bed/storage-furniture for his grandchildren.

The floors were already there, I had the same herringbone floors laid in the whole apartment, and the walls, ceiling etc was painted and fine – so I had to choose the material for the new furniture. I love the soft, natural feeling of wood and to somehow have the same color as my floors without getting all out of budget I decided on pine. Accessible, local and easy to treat with stain. (I used LADY Pure Nature White, two strokes) Pine smells amazing too! 

The bed and cabinets were all made in modules in the work shop before transported and installed. My sketches and my dads skills in making it real. The beds are 200×80 cm to fit a normal mattress, and so is also the cabinet to the left, the drawers underneath and the cabinets on top also 80 cm deep. It fits a lot.

On the opposite side of the bed there is a small niche where I managed to fit a narrow table and shelves. Just enough space to sit – and the stools are two Ikea Frosta stools painted in the same color as the wall – LADY Supreme Finish 1928 Sommersne.

Table and shelves is made of pine boards as well, treated with two strokes LADY Pure Nature White.

Re-use of furniture and objects of all kinds is the best if possible. The horse and the elephant is dear memories from early childhood that needed to be made space for.

My children wished for a chalkboard wall, similar to what they had some years ago and the remaining 90 cm on this wall was painted with normal black paint – you actually don’t need chalkboard paint for the purpose. I used LADY Pure Color 9938 Dempet Sort. Its easy to maintain and clean in between the making of art. 

Photography and styling © Elisabeth Heier




  • Barbro Elisabeth Fjørtoft

    19. March, 2019at19:01 Reply

    Så utrolig fint! Og bildene dine er også alltid så fine og inspirerende.

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      20. March, 2019at10:31 Reply

      Takk! Det er hyggelig å høre :)

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