Travel and stay covered by Dinesen
This morning I traveled to Denmark to visit Dinesen, see the production of their beautiful floors and stay at the Dinesen Country Home for a night. I was invited after I ordered the floors for my apartment when I was doing the renovations, so no sponsored floors only genuinely interested in the history, the company and the origin of the floors I put my feet on every day. And the opportunity to see this and stay at the Country Home, of course I wanted to. I will show you more when I get back home, for now I’m enjoying a cozy night with travel companion Katerina in the house built in 1880, formerly the family home of  Thomas and Heidi Dinesen. Until then, follow on Instagram stories. 

photography © Elisabeth Heier



  • Anna Caroline

    1. May, 2018at13:03 Reply

    The flooring is really beautiful! But most importantly what a calm vibe this space gives…the flooring is giving the space a calmness, stability and a comforting security kind of look.

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      2. May, 2018at14:10 Reply

      The flooring is amazing, and even more now that I’ve seen how its made. Impressive!

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    29. June, 2018at23:16 Reply

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