Photography © Staffan Sundström,  styling Kråkvik D´Orazio

This is probably the week with the most to choose from when doing my Friday Finds. During Stockholm Furniture Fair and Design Week so many new, great designs is launched and I’ve only started to go through all my photos and press material. The photos taken is many and so are the impressions. Not only from the news and the beautifully curated exhibitions but also by the all the people – colleagues that I get to meet during fairs like this. No matter how good the design is it is the people behind, from the designer to the brand who chooses to belive in the product, to the stylists, the photographers and all of us who try to do our best to communicate the very best of design to you – who makes this what it is. 

First up Fogia (above) with both a new sofa and stool – the shelf was launched this fall. Andreas Engesvik is the designer of the sofa Barba. Named after the French word for candy floss and  influenced by the classic cartoon characters. Beautiful and flowing forms, I would say soft sculptural. The Barba series also consist of a armchair with dimensions also suitable for a dining table setting. Dinners sitting in a Barba chair would be never ending! The stool Utility is designed by Norm Architects and I absolutely love the shape of it. Soft leather upholstered cushion on the top, architectural frame and legs made of wood.  

Photography by Andy Liffner, styling Annaleena Interiors

Matti Carlson
Hommage Grand Table was launched this week by Matti Carlson. The smaller Hommage table is a favorite of mine and making a dining table as well makes perfectly sense. The tactility of the material used is absolutely beautiful and so is the sculptural shape. The table is made by Swedish carpentry Tre Sekel and is available in massive smoked and natural oak. 

Photography © Elisabeth Heier

Frama launched several new products this week, I´ll definitely show you more of it later – there is both a stool, a table plus more that deserve some attention. Not to forget the exhibition Spatial Sensibilities at the premises of Andreas Martin-Löf. Above is Rivet Table in new colors. The side table was designed by Jonas Trampedach in 2014.

DUX is doing a collaboration with Norm Architects on new furniture designs and first launched is the headboard above. It was shown at the exhibition called Into the light, also done by Norm Architects – and if you’re in Stockholm its a must see at Alma, open today and tomorrow. In the exhibition they focus on the transition between contrasts, and take a step away from the dark. I find the headboard very beautiful, a bit influenced by Asian design – the aesthetics in Japanese and Scandinavian design is very similar. A subtle understated luxury whereas materials and design is well thought through, with a calmness that brings focus to humans and our presence instead of the furniture. Looking forward to see more from the DUX x Norm Architects collaboration. 

Photo via Wästberg

An extended family of the w102 lamp series was launched by Wästberg lighting this week. The design by David Chipperfield now includes a floor lamp and a wall lamp in addition to the table lamp – and the wall lamp looks amazing above the counter top as in the photo above. 

Photography via Kvänum

Liljenkrantz for Kvänum
Last night I got the chance to see the kitchen designed by Louise Liljenkrantz for Kvänum here in Stockholm – I knew it was beautiful from the photos I’ve seen but being able to see all the details close up is always better. Louise herself describes her concept as Old Victorian manor goes Japan, Asian aesthetics with a rustic and stylish chord. The kitchen is is based on natural materials like wood and stone, and need space to accommodate large volume and massif materials. Nevertheless, a kitchen to dream of – and probably also the space needed for it. High quality woodwork like always by Kvänum and well chosen materials and colors by the designer. 

Photography © Elisabeth Heier, styling by Lotta Agaton Interiors

New Works
Both new furniture, lamps and interior accessories were presented by New Works at the fair. They call their launch this year “A mature vision” and I think it describes it very well. They definitely show us a more mature side, more elegant but still with the distinctive New Works identity focusing on the materials in their sculptural objects. The lamp above by MSDS Studio is called The Ware Table Lamp and brings together two distinct flowing forms into a single object. Appearing like a pair of shells huddling together on a cold shore, the rounded front hides the lighting diffuser – allowing a soft illumination to swell up from within. Once illuminated, a sense of depth is created between the pieces textured layers. The candle holder is also new called Ripply Candle Holder by Cristian Mohaded. Like the reminiscent of a ripple across a glossy lake it reflects the environment through its curved forms. Equally beautiful like a decorative object without candles like shown above. 



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    Can you post a link to the Folia shelving unit? I cannot locate it on their page.
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      Elisabeth //

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      Hi Theresa, here’s the link to Bond shelving system from Fogia;
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        Thanks so much, Elisabeth!

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