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The weekend is coming up again, and a new month! My daughter told me this morning when she woke up she’s been looking forward to this day – its officially spring. And its her birthday later this month as well. Im with her on this, spring is so much welcome. And the amazingly brighter and longer days that comes with. Nevertheless, this weeks new and noticed is; New scents from Tangent CG, the Swedish company with the organic soaps and minimalistic packaging. Recently they launched several new soaps and the cedar scent is my favorite. The pencil cedar is used for the distillation of perfume oil as well as the manufacture of pencils, as the name suggests. Its hallmark note, that of warm and dry wood, carries with it a faintly discernible trace of wild berries. Love it! Newly discovered designer, for me at least,  Malgorzata Bany, makes objects defined between design and sculpture. The side table above is made by Jesmonite, a durable manmade material produced with a mineral base and water-based acrylic resin which can be cast to resemble wood, stone or other materials. The table is tactile with its plaster-like finish but are stronger than works made in plaster and cool to touch like stone is. Bany’s Pilotis range is inspired by modernist support columns. Her idea was to take one simple shape and make as many variations of that as possible. The range includes a low table, a console table, side table and table-top platter. Each piece is minimal and utilitarian, and the proportions are altered according to usage. Another column-like object is the new Tower pendant from Workstead. Tower Pendant IV is composed of a cluster of monumental wooden cylinders.  The adjacent turned wooden forms provide a framework for a series of softly glowing globes. Pretty! The White Shirt Project by COS is a new collection in stores for spring. Pure and modest, the white shirt has been a staple in the COS wardrobe for many years. This season, they’ve  explored silhouettes, fabrics and details of this essential piece, to create a capsule collection that offers a new classic for everyone’s wardrobe. Last up, a minimalistic sculpture called Plier by designer Carla Cascales Alimbau. She is an independent artist and designer living and working in Barcelona. Her work is based on finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness, of revering authenticity above all. She combines her personal artwork for exhibitions and art installations with commissioned pieces for architectural spaces, interior design projects and selected brands. Plier is a series of hand molded marble powder sculptures. While simple, the collection evokes a sense of playfulness with a focus on materiality.

Happy weekend!



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