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New Friday Finds is up, and you can clearly see where I am color- and material wise these days. Give me something in a nice, natural material like wood, stone, wool, leather – and the hues of beige and browns is sticking by. 1. Ikigai teapot from Copenhagen based Hein Studio. The teapot is mouth blown and inspired by Japanese traditions and mid century ceramics. 2. New in from Aesop, Resurrection rinse-free hand wash. Anyone else fearing seasonal illness during winter months? I do, and yes please to a product who won’t dehydrate my hands when trying to keep the illness away. 3. Vienna Straw Latis Chair is a new design from Samuel Wilkinson. Love this modern take on the Vienna chair, to be launched soon via The Conran Shop. 4. ARKET is about to launch their webshop in Norway (yay!). It will take place March 20.th – and please do open a store in Oslo soon too. Both fashion and homeware is most welcome here! 5. Pottery by Vincent Van Duysen for When Objects Works was designed in 2004 and is a good example of design and quality can stand shifting trends. Serene and sober, these pots have the abstract quality of the archetypal, but they have been pulled from abstraction into the world of physical forms, into things you want to touch and to hold, a certain material roughness is critical to their character – the slight irregularities in the surface of the clay and the soft, weathered grain of the wood.

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