Earlier this week I posted a photo of my fig tree in my Instagram stories, and so many of you asked me how I´m keeping it. Obviously fig trees are still very popular, and I think it´s one of the most beautiful plants you can have in your home. I had several trees back in my old home but I must admit I did not expect the plant to grow so well in the apartment I live in now. Less light, but even though, I now have two trees with fruits on. So, this is my advice on how to keep a fig tree as a house plant.

– I keep the soil constantly moist. During summer that means watering every day. Especially during fruit harvest the tree needs plenty of water.

– I keep mine in a light place, with no direct sunlight. Moving it outside is ok if you follow the same advice, light but no direct sunlight.

– During winter time I keep the plant in a dark and cool place. A basement or storage room in the attic is perfect. Remember to water it once in a while. The best temperature is from 0 – + 10 degrees. It drops the leaves in the autumn, and at once you can see small green sprouts again its ok to move it back into your living room.

– I have been adviced to fertilize it, so the fruits will grow bigger. I have not yet done it, but berry plant fertilizer is on my shopping list.

Figs is one of my favorite fruits, maybe because its so rare here in Norway. The ones we can buy at the supermarket was harvested days ago, so being able to have a fig tree with fruits on in my living room is really a joy. Good luck on your fig trees then!

photography © elisabeth heier 



  • Maria

    5. July, 2017at14:25 Reply

    Love plants in a minimalist home. Currently almost all of my apartment is in white, grey and black nuances. I am hoping to incorporate more plants and perhaps some elements and an accent wall in olive-green.

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      7. July, 2017at17:14 Reply

      Plants and a green wall I´m sure would be absolutely beautiful in your minimalistic home.

  • Siri Line

    9. July, 2017at21:30 Reply

    Hvilken farge har du på veggen? :)

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      10. July, 2017at21:27 Reply

      Washed Linen fra Jotun Lady.

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