Collage Elisabeth Heier / photos by the brands

I’ve already enjoyed some days off this week, the weather is just amazing in Oslo – and has been for a very long while. Feels like constantly being on vacation somewhere way south of Norway. A new month and there is of course a new wish list as well. A summer wish list, no indoor furniture or interior accessories included. Cause when I’m not working, I´m spending my time outdoors right now :)
1. Hang Chair by Skagerak, designed by Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm. More seating for my balcony to gather more friends. Looks very comfortable and I love the minimalistic design. 2. Toteme Andria top in a beautiful nude color, perfect in combination with a pair of light blue jeans shorts. 3. Toteme San Remo scarf, love using scarfs to pull my hair back in the heat. This one will be nice for fall as well, around my neck. 4. Baroque Shell earrings from Annie Lu. Tanned skin and sea breeze, say no more. 5. Perfume from Swedish Ann Ringstrand. Ground might be the best smelling scent ever, inspired by the importance of grounding and to feel balance. 5. Rescue Juice Kraftverk portable charger. I’m dependent on my small portable charger from Rescue Juice and this one is even more powerful. Comes in a beautiful black leather case, and even more perfect for traveling since its powerful enough to also give my Mac a couple of hours with extra power. 6. City Cruiser from Copenhagen Bike Company, created in collaboration with Norm Architects. Its about time to get myself a bike and this one is super elegant. Wind in my hair and hello beach!


  • Ellen Aabakken

    31. July, 2018 at 10:40 Reply

    Vet du om det er noen i Oslo som forhandler parfyme og smykker far Ann Ringstrand?

    • Elisabeth // elisabethheier.no

      Elisabeth // elisabethheier.no

      6. August, 2018 at 16:11 Reply

      Hei Ellen! Ja, Kollekted By forhandler parfymene. Smykkene er jeg usikker på.

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