Finally I can share the work I did for Krafted early this spring!
Krafted is a Nordic furniture- and design studio. The name indicates a focus on solid materials and traditional craftmanship. Krafted has a passion for nature and how its materials can be applied – from the qualities they represent to how they feel, smell and appear in out surroundings. With closely selected materials their products maintain a high, sustainable quality and long life-span.

Krafted want to be part of a movement where everything they create is done so with the future in mind. One of the ways they consider the environment is by creating objects and furniture out of cut-off materials from wood and stone production. This reduces waste and allows them to get more out of leftover pieces.

Beautiful lamps by Krafted!

Modi chair by Krafted

Kapp table by Krafted, the first table in the Kapp series made out of cut-offs and leftovers from the wood, metal and marble industry. 

Eng vases by Krafted

Art direction by Lars Hole/Krafted and Audhild Samseth. Styling and photography © Elisabeth Heier





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