A crooked pine branch and a green wreath hung on the wall, the simplicity and beauty of this room by Swedish Mouche Collective is outstanding.

Less is more, also for Christmas. Adding a few elements to set the mood with natural materials and colors, scents and lighted candles, its really all it takes. By using what we already have in our homes Christmas will feel personal, with the festive touch. Vases, candleholders, bowls – filled with branches and flowers, nuts or cookies. I’ve gathered some photos here for inspiration for the minimal but so very elegant Christmas.

I love the idea of bringing inside a crooked branch like Mouche Collective has done in their showroom (photo above). If your space is limited this would be a good replacement for a Christmas tree. Beautiful both with and without decorations.

All natural wrapping. Photography and styling by Mouche Collective.

A beautiful bedroom with layers of linen. A green wreath and a bowl of sweets is everything you need to set the mood. Photography and styling by Mouche Collective.

Photography and styling Elisabeth Heier

Christmas in my own home doesn’t change a lot from one year to the other. A modern version of angle chimes brings back childhood memories and gingerbread cookies is a must have – for baking with the kids and the smell that fills our home. 

A small pine tree twig in a vase is a simple but beautiful decoration! Photography and styling © Elisabeth Heier.

Photography and styling © Elisabeth Heier for Houz.

Natural colors and materials in the bedroom as in the rest of my home. A paper star is just as beautiful hung on the wall as in the window.  

Christmas at Houz, photography © Elisabeth Heier, styling by Linda Veggeland and Elisabeth Heier.

Paper decorations is versatile and pretty. Use them both on the tree, for table decorations or on a branch in a vase. 

Wreath by Passiflora for Houz. Photography © Elisabeth Heier




  • Ingvild

    15. December, 2019at16:39 Reply

    Nydelig og inspirerende som alltid! Har du malt om stuen, eller er det bare lyset som gjør at det ser annerledes ut? Uansett, virkelig helt nydelig! God jul!

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      15. December, 2019at17:04 Reply

      Hei Ingvild! Takk, så gøy du likte saken :)
      Jeg malte om stuen for en liten stund siden, den er nordvendt og trengte mer lys. Fargen er LADY 1928 Sommersne.

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