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When I moved in a month ago my bedroom had nothing but floors and walls finished. The rest of the apartment was actually quite done, I just hadn’t had time to even think about what to do in here, other than that I needed a lot of storage. Since it didn’t matter if I did this after I moved in it was prioritized last. It turned out a bit of a challenge, nothing really fitted the measurements of the room since I wanted a built in solution. And living with clothes in boxes.. well, you manage but when its actually all set its so nice to be able to see what you have instead of searching through all the boxes for that special pair of jeans or shoes. My rescue was the interior designers working at Ikea Skøyen who once again helped me plan my storage. Not that I’m not capable myself, but I had no idea that kitchen cabinets would be a much better solution for my bedroom storage than the wardrobe system, Pax, that I had planned to use myself. Vägtistel bedsheets in grey linen. 

So, having a one-to-one consultation at Ikea Skøyen is something very different than visiting the other Ikea warehouses here in Oslo. I booked a two hour long consultation online and picked a date and time that suited me. No line, no waiting. Instead I had a nice cup of coffee, an Ikea expert helping out finding the best way of getting the most of my space available and all the cabinets, finishes, interior accessories right there to look at during the consultation. Getting my Ikea wardrobe planned became so much more fun (feeling like an expert myself now!) than I expected. Sinnerlig table lamp, Ikea 365 Carafe and Ikea 365 glass.

The cabinets were delivered and carried upstairs (I live at the third floor, very recommendable) a few days later. The good thing is that you can choose how much service you want at Ikea. Book an appointment to plan your kitchen, wardrobe or other storage. Get everything picked up at the warehouse and delivered at your home, and carried inside. And even get it assembled. Or do parts or everything yourself and save some money. For me saving time doing all of this is worth a lot. And although I pretend to be superwoman from time to time I am simply not able to either transport or carry huge cabinets like this by myself. Since I wanted the tailor made solution seen above, covering the room above the cabinets and door I got help building this, and assembling everything before I painted the panels in the same color as the wall (LADY 9918 Classic White, Jotun). Although being cabinets from the Metod system (kitchen cabinets) the inside are organized like a regular wardrobe with drawers who makes it easy to get an overview over everything inside and clothes rails in two levels. Right now I actually got space over in the cabinets. It feels so luxurious, and for now I choose to forget that I still got unopened boxes from the moving in my living room.

Skubb storage boxes.

Since I love having some clothes hanging on a free standing rail as well I brought with me the one I had in my previous apartment. For everything special, or in everyday use. If I started planning my outfits too (planning things like that is not an asset of mine) the rail would be great to hang everything before traveling or a busy week. What I have done is replacing my old hangers with the white ones in the photos. Also from Ikea, and so much space saving in comparison to the ones I had. Mulig clothing rack, Stajlig hanger, Ribba frame

photo © Elisabeth Heier



  • Marlene Fragner

    5. February, 2018at06:15 Reply

    Hi Elisabeth! Really Love your new bedroom!! I have one question regarding the wardrobe: how Can you Open the Doors? Is it a „tip on“? Thank you!! Br, Marlene

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      5. February, 2018at10:47 Reply

      Hi Marlene,
      thank you, so happy you like it!
      I´ve mounted a push-open button from the Metod series inside
      the cabinets. Works out well!
      Best, Elisabeth

  • Mia Maria

    5. February, 2018at07:15 Reply

    The wardrobe looks lovely! When you painted the cabinets did you use the same paint as you have on the walls or did you use the same tone furniture paint?

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      5. February, 2018at10:48 Reply

      Thank you Mia!
      I didn´t o´paint the cabinets, only the covers between the cabinets and the ceiling.
      Sorry I didn’t explain it properly. (Same paint as the walls)

  • Dan Eaton

    5. February, 2018at08:38 Reply

    Hey there
    Your bedroom looks absolutely beautiful, so calm and cozy! Do you mind if I ask where your bed base is from? I love how you can see beneath it as it’s on legs , it makes the bed seem lighter?? . The storage wardrobe solution is also simply perfect! So gorgeous again and major bedroom envy right here!

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      5. February, 2018at10:50 Reply

      Thank you so much! The bed base is legs from Ikea (those too), they are mounted I bit further in
      so they are not to visible. I agree, love the floating feeling!

  • Maria H

    5. February, 2018at15:47 Reply

    Utrolig fint soverom og garderobe! Dette ønsker jeg meg til eget rom :)

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      5. February, 2018at21:20 Reply

      Så hyggelig å høre! :)

  • Stine

    5. February, 2018at19:15 Reply

    Så pent!! Angående sengen din, er det en sengekappe du har på madrassen og så laken på overmadrassen?

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      5. February, 2018at21:24 Reply

      Takk! Ja, eller et laken for kontinentalmadrass og så vanlig
      laken på overmadrassen. :)

  • Mathilde Kubisiak

    12. February, 2018at18:38 Reply

    Wow Elisabeth this is such a good idea! I really love how bespoke your wardrobe looks, such a great job well done to you!

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      12. February, 2018at21:40 Reply

      Thank you! So happy you liked it :)
      Im very happy with the result myself, not to mention how
      nice it is to have everything organized.


  • Lorraine Manley

    15. February, 2018at11:53 Reply

    Hi, I love the serene simplicity of your room…..a beautiful space to relax in I’m sure! Can I ask what dept units you used for the wardrobe?

    Many thanks

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      15. February, 2018at14:58 Reply

      Hi Lorraine,

      Thank you, and yes I’m so happy with how it turned out and how relaxing it feels.
      The depth of the cabinets is 60 cm.

      xx Elisabeth

  • caroline

    18. January, 2019at21:35 Reply

    Hi Elisabeth,
    What´s the front/material of the cabinets called? Love the solution!
    Thanks C

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      21. January, 2019at14:11 Reply

      Hi Caroline, the cabin fronts is from Ikea and is called Veddinge.

  • Christina

    24. June, 2019at21:22 Reply

    Kan jeg spørre hvem du fikk hjelp fra til å dekke mellomrommet mellom skapet og taket? Kan Ikea hjelpe til med dette, i tillegg til installering av selve skapet? :-)

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      24. June, 2019at21:39 Reply

      Hei Christina, jeg hadde snekker som laget foringen mellom skap og himling. Usikker på om Ikea tilbyr dette utført i gips men jeg vet de kan montere foringer av lister fra Ikea.
      Hør med kjøkken/garderobeavd på Ikea – lykke til!

      • Christina

        25. June, 2019at07:48 Reply

        Tusen takk for svar! Skal sjekke det ut med Ikea☺️

  • Linda Marie Krogsund

    15. February, 2020at23:12 Reply

    Hei. Så utrolig fin blogg og stil du har.
    Jeg er litt nysgjerrig på garderobe skapet ditt.
    Hva heter garderobe stengene?? Da jeg regner med at de egentlig ikke hører til metod skapet…
    //Linda Marie

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      18. February, 2020at15:53 Reply

      Hei Linda,

      Takk, så hyggelig å høre. :)
      Garderobestengene hører til Pax-serien og ble kappet til for å passe


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