LADY Minerals Revive 1877 VALMUEFRØ

Today Jotun LADY launched a new product called LADY Minerals Revive, a wall renever that transforms uneven wall surfaces like fiberglass into beautiful concrete-like walls. New products that can help make the house renovation easier is always welcome, I can still remember my first apartment where I tried hiding fiberglass walls with a thick wallpaper for the purpose. Thankfully theres been some development over the years, my first attempt was not very successful.. With the new LADY Minerals Revive you have the wall renewer and paint in one product, looks pretty amazing to me!

To make sure the renewer holds high quality both product and application has been tested among professionals and privately, and feedback tells its easy to apply, especially when you’ve practiced the technique a bit. Noticed for next renovation project coming up. 

In order to make sure the colors will be a good match to the rustic surface the walls are given with LADY Mineral Revive Jotuns color experts has put together a color chart consisting of  16 nature inspired hues with depth and character that gives the interior a beautiful backdrop. 

LADY Minerals Revive 1032 GRÅ HARMONI

LADY Minerals Revive 8470 SMOOTH WHITE

LADY Minerals Revive 10961 RAW CANVAS

LADY Minerals Revive 1876 HVIT TE

LADY Minerals Revive 10679 WASHED LINEN

LADY Minerals Revive 10965 HIPSTER BROWN.                                                                                                                                                             Photography by Margaret de Lange, styling by Kråkvik & D´Orazio, with thanks Jotun LADY


More from Jotun LADY, the launch of new color chart back in August here. 



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