Lazy mornings, numerous cups of coffee, having all the time in the world and strolling our neighborhood in search of the best iced coffee (the anisetta at Tim Wendelboe is the favorite so far) – Easter felt like a sweet summer vacation. Over night the parks went from greyish to lush green and became crowded with people enjoying the warm weather. No wonder we Scandinavians do as soon as the sun pop out after a long and dark winter. I am so much rested and ready for some busy workweeks after this!  

Anisetta at Tim Wendelboe, double espresso shot, shaken with ice cubes and homemade star anise syrup and topped with organic whole milk – finished by my seven year old. Below, deliciousness at Mathallen, our local food market. The lemon meringue pies are amazing! 

Photography © Elisabeth Heier




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