Tendencies saying we buy fewer presents, gifting experiences or give to charity – and instead of chaotic last minute shopping spend time with our loved ones. A very healthy and sustainable approach, we do have enough things already – right! I am in, but I am also giving my family a few presents for Christmas. And as for the wrapping, less is more, always. My best tip, keep it simple, manageable yet beautiful by choosing nice paper (recyclable) and ribbon to wrap your presents and decorate with  dried flowers and cones. Reusable gift bags and a spruce of evergreen also looks nice. Wrapped with love!
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Photography © Elisabeth Heier


Paper and ribbon by Stefan Papir.



  • Maria

    19. December, 2019at23:23 Reply

    Beautiful packaging! I always save good-quality ribbon from gifts I receive to reuse on the gifts I give – saving money and the environment.

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      2. January, 2020at11:37 Reply

      Thank you Maria. Thats a good idea!
      Best, Elisabeth

  • Regine

    23. December, 2019at18:17 Reply

    Så nydelig innpakking og bilder, alltid så inspirerende å kikke innom deg.

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      2. January, 2020at11:35 Reply

      Takk Regine! Godt nytt år, må 2020 bli det beste ✨

  • Nippon

    24. December, 2019at07:23 Reply

    Great work !! Thank a lot Buddy!!

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