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Like I posted on Instagram yesterday, it felt so much like one of the first days of spring. There´s still tons of snow in the streets, and minus degrees but regardless when the sun shows up, water are dripping from the roofs and the living room are bathing in soft afternoon light – it feels very much like spring is closing up. With all of that I feel the urge to do some changes, not that I need much considering I just moved in, but still. Ellos offers 20% discount on their home range (not valid on the vintage collection), and I found some really beautiful linen pillow cases. Adding a bit of color can also be done in a subtle way like the nude pink colored pillow on my couch. The same pillow is also available in beige (right next to the nude pink one above) and if you take a look there are so many nice textiles on sale right now at Ellos. In my opinion the easiest way to do some changes. My only regret is that I didn’t order a couple more of the nude pink one, I keep moving it between the bedroom and the living room totally obsessing about the color. Also see how beautiful it looks mixed with light grey bedding sheets here. To make it easy for you; the code for having 20% off your order on the Ellos Home range is 375713 – and all offers is to be found here. Valid until the of February but make sure to be quick, I’m not the only one to know about this one.

photo © elisabeth heier



  • Å

    14. February, 2018at10:58 Reply

    Takk for tipset! Hvor kan man kjøpe kulen fra Odem Atelier? Så fin!

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      14. February, 2018at11:03 Reply

      Ja den er kjempefin! Kjøpes direkte fra Odem, de shipper til Norge :)

      • Å

        14. February, 2018at11:42 Reply

        Tusen takk for svar!

  • Flo | Tasteboykott

    14. February, 2018at13:02 Reply

    So beautiful, your living room feels elegant yet cozy!

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      14. February, 2018at20:45 Reply

      The best compliment! Thank you Flo <3

  • Therese

    19. February, 2018at10:24 Reply

    Hei Elisabeth. Hvor er det vakre salongbordet ditt fra??

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      19. February, 2018at21:17 Reply

      Det er fra finske Adea, de har det blant annet på Tannum Møbler. :)

  • Ane Charlotte Spilde

    22. February, 2018at12:43 Reply

    For et fantastisk gulv du har i leiligheten! Hvilken type er det? :)

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      22. February, 2018at13:31 Reply

      Gulvene er fra danske Dinsesn, Douglasgran lagt i fiskebensmønster.


  • Sylvia Laszlo-Toth

    7. March, 2018at14:48 Reply

    Hi Elisabeth!

    I am considering to paint my walls blek sand. The only concern is that the room is north facing with a huge industrial window. Would you mind share your experience how this colour changes during the day? Is your room faces north, too? Is this colour a medium base one, because on some other photos looks way lighter. I need a warm light\medium tone anyway because of the above facts of my living room.

    Thank you


    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      7. March, 2018at20:32 Reply

      Hi Sylvie,
      My room is also north facing, however I have a huge brick stone building across the street which gives the room a warm red glow. The environment has such a huge effect on colors. It do change during the day though and I would not be afraid of using it in a north facing room regardless. Its a medium tone, and a warm one. Regarding how much light it is outside the color also seem brighter. If you have the opportunity its a good idea to paint a test area on the wall before you paint the whole room.
      Good luck!

  • Maren Volden

    18. February, 2020at14:36 Reply

    Hei! Hvor har du skaffet den nydelige taklampa? Setter stor pris på svar, da jeg har googlet og googlet :)

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      18. February, 2020at14:46 Reply

      Hei Maren, lampen er Stochastic designet av Daniel Rybakken og kommer fra Luceplan.

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