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Have you noticed the wooden storage modules thats been popping up in the Scandinavian interiors lately? Minimalistic and elegant but with the warmth and tactility only wood brings with it. The options are many but one of the best if you ask me is to personalize Ikea modules. Budget friendly and with endless possibilities. Swedish Picky Living has collaborated with Lotta Agaton on doing fronts in Douglas fir from Dinesen for Ikea Metod kitchens and Bestå storage modules (above and below), and it looks amazing. Other options for having fronts in wood or bamboo for your Ikea modules is Norwegian Ask og Eng and Danish Reform. 

Photography and styling © Lotta Agaton Interiors

Photo via Skagerak 

Jut cabinet from Skagerak, mentioned before here, is a beautiful cabinet in oak designed by Thomas Jenkins. The negative space underneath the table makes it float and the details are exquisite. Table top in either oak or marble.

Photography and styling © September Edit

Ivar units from Ikea is a favorite and the untreated pine makes it perfect for hacks. Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer from September Edit made a really beautiful one a year ago with a Ivar cabinet and pre-vowen cane. Step by step here. 

Photography and styling © September Edit 

Photography and styling © Cate St Hill

UK interior designer and blogger Cate St Hill has also used Ivar cabinets in her office/guest room (above). With cabinets 80 cm wide you can add on to fill your wall, treat them with stain, paint – or keep the untreated surface as it is. See the inspiring room makeover by Cate St Hill here.

String shelves (below) is also a good alternative, not quite the same tactility since these fronts are made by veneered particleboard, but still – with varieties and endless possibilities to make your own storage system.

Photography © Marcus Lawett, styling by Lotta Agaton for String





  • Amalie

    19. September, 2018at10:17 Reply

    Hei Elisabeth! Jeg tenkte å spørre deg, da du kanskje vet bedre enn meg; Jeg tenker å henge opp slike bildehyller som vist på det nest siste bildet du har lagt ut i posten her. Spørsmålet mitt er; hvor mange cm mellom hver bildehylle er ideelt? Man vil jo ikke ha for mye rom eller for lite! Setter STOR pris på forslag fra deg, hehe :-)

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      19. September, 2018at13:25 Reply

      Hei Amalie!
      Jeg ville regnet 40-45 cm mellom hver hylle.
      Se på hvor store bilder/magasiner du skal ha på listen, og juster opp/ned deretter.
      Lykke til!

  • Kathrin

    20. September, 2018at16:23 Reply

    It looks so great, can´t believe it´s IKEA inside in the first 5 pictures.
    Many greetings Kathrin

    • Elisabeth //

      Elisabeth //

      20. September, 2018at21:45 Reply

      Ikea is great! Both for hacks and all-Ikea solutions.
      Xx Elisabeth

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