My visit in Zürich was sponsored by the Marktgasse Hotel
I´ve been going through the photos from my visit in Zürich and at the Marktgasse Hotel the last few days. There are simply so many nice ones that it is difficult to choose which ones to show you and not. To many beautiful details to leave anyone out, so her we go.. I was invited to Zürich by Marktgasse Hotel which is a newly renovated boutique hotel situated in the charming old town of the city. The hotel has 39 individually furnished rooms and I was lucky to see both one of the loft suites and the junior suite as well as the very beautiful room I was staying in at the second floor. The building dates back to the 15th century, and the history from the past can still be experienced. Many of the heritage elements have protected status and are carefully preserved, which adds atmosphere, personality and charm. Like in my own home I love when details from the past are preserved and mixed with modern design, and I immediately felt at home at the hotel.

My room was spacious and had a lovely view to the small square outside the hotel. With windows facing the square I had the most beautiful daylight as well. Even though I normally enjoy working in the lobby when I am travelling, (Usually there is always work to do, and I´m at my most efficient when there are others around. Plus, you always meet people with interesting stories to tell.) I had the chance to sit down in silence in my own room too. Furnished with a desk and chair from one of my favorite brands, Københavns Møbelsnedkeri (Copenhagen Joinery), lamp from Lampe Gras and again, the view to the square below.

You can see my friend Katerinas (Only Deco Love) photos of her room at the Marktgasse here, they are so very beautiful! 

I am always excited to open the door to the bathroom when I´m staying at hotels, and I can promise you, I just wanted to spend the rest of the day in this one. Spacious, filled with daylight and with everything I needed of Aesop products. No need to bring my own this time.

What I loved the most in my room was the beautifully decorated old stove, the oak floors (yes please, I am still dreaming of having this in my next apartment) and how well it was mixed with modern furniture. And of course, the light. First up on the list when entering a hotel room; open the door to the bathroom and then see if the windows can be set wide open.

The combined lobby and reception was super inviting too. Beautifully furnished with custom made benches upholstered in leather, furniture from &tradition, and the wall panels painted in light grey that was found both there and throughout several rooms.

There was also a nice library and a meeting room availbale for the guests to work in. The lamps from Serge Mouille are on the top of my wish list, and seeing them here just reminded me of nice they are.

Nice details was to be found everywhere at the hotel. In every floor you could fill fresh water to bring at your room, beautifully done with a sink standing on a marble stand with glasses and jugs standing right next to it. Those details that makes you feel well taken care of at all times.

The hotel has two restaurants, Baltho Restaurant and Baltho Bar that is open during the night, and Delish which serves you breakfast and lunch. ..and delicious coffee and pastries during the day. Both highly recommended. Delish aslo have nice tables outside facing the busy square.

My recommendations on what to see and do in Zürich here, and more photos from the Marktgasse Hotel here. 

photo © elisabeth heier

A huge thank you to the welcoming staff, and especially the General Manager at the Marktgasse, Olivier Gerber, who invited me to stay at the hotel.